Grandchildren and a Magic Christmas Decorating Touch

Magic begins with Grandchildren.

The library.

And a hunt for Pine Cones and Winterberries.

Then you’ve got yourself not only Magic… but Magic Christmas Decorations!

Ben discovering that a Pine Needle hill is very slippery!
"Grandma, Pine Cones are sticky and spikey!"
The entire world in one moment!
The beauty of OUTDOORS!
Hills are made for kids!
A spot for Henry's Pine Cones... and to read his library book!
Ben pruning (by himself) the last of Grandma's Winterberries!
Ben's Masterpiece!
The whole world in one tiny red berry!
The most Magical Christmas Decorating of all!

I have never had more Magical Christmas Decorations in my entire life…

And memories to last a lifetime!



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