Fashion Friday: The One Cashmere Item Everyone Should Own

I never owned anything cashmere until I was 20 years old living in NYC and working for Donna Karan. My boss had gifted me with a gorgeous black cashmere sweater after working there for a couple of months, and I just fell in love with it. I was making barely enough money to cover my rent at that stage in my life, so I knew if I wanted more cashmere, I was going to have to work hard, really, really hard.

The beautiful thing about cashmere nowadays is that you can get it at different price points, which is wonderful! This past Christmas I was able to get my husband 3 cashmere sweaters at Macy’s (Charter Club) for $39.99 each! They were marked down from $90 and I just hit a really good deal that day. Or you could go to Ralph Lauren and pay over $300 for a cable knit cashmere sweater – it’s completely up to you. 😉

But in all honesty… everyone should own SOMETHING cashmere. Something.

My all-time favorite cashmere item is a hat, just a simple beanie hat. There’s something very warm and cozy about putting something as soft as cashmere right on your head. It’s awesome.

Here are 5 places to purchase a gorgeous cashmere beanie hat for UNDER $60 (and don’t forget, cashmere lasts forever!):

1. Cashmere Exclusively by Bloomingdale’s “Angelina” Slouch Hat $45.60

2. Cashmere Exclusively by Bloomingdale’s Cable Knit Cuff Hat $45.60

3. Red J.Crew Cashmere hat $29.99

4. Pure Collection’s Cashmere Beanie Hat $23-43

5. Portolano Black Popcorn Cashmere Stitch hat $22.99

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  1. 1.27.12

    Love it! Need one, no maybe 4:)

    Cheers, great blog!

  2. 1.27.12
    girlymama said:

    i would add cashmere lined gloves! i found some last year at TJ Maxx for only $20. HEAVEN!!

  3. 1.27.12

    That’s why cashmere is such a great gift! i always watch sales – giving someone a cashmere accessory or sweater is the ultimate!!

  4. 1.27.12
    Alissa said:

    Love that first option, especially. I’ve really been wanting to try a slouchy hat — and I think you found the right one!

  5. 1.29.12

    LOVE wearing hats all winter long. Great topic.

  6. 2.24.12

    I can’t wait until I get my first cashmere piece of clothing; I still haven’t gotten to jump on that extreme comfort train yet. I like the idea of having something so soft on my head, although I dislike hats in general because I get weird hat hair with my very curly hair. But those cashmere lined gloves that girlymama mentioned sound amazing! Is there a better or worse kind of cashmere? I don’t know a whole lot about differences in quality.

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