Reader Question: Can you wear all white this time of year?

Reader Question: Can you wear all white this time of year?

I received this question a couple of weeks ago from a reader and I just hadn’t gotten around to answering it yet, so I thought today would be perfect because I just was watching the Today Show and saw Ann Curry dressed in head-to-toe white and LOVED it… !

I had someone email me asking if “You can still wear white during this time of year?”

I’ve blogged about my love of summer whites before, but I do absolutely, positively think you can wear white during this time of year. Without a question!

How can you look fabulously winter chic? Think wool pants. Think cozy sweaters. Think glamorous blazers. Think crisp blouses.

The beauty of wearing all white during this time of year is that it’s winter white coziness… !

ENJOY and embrace!

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  1. 2.13.12
    marcella said:

    I have a lot of white sweaters that i love to wear with jeans brown or black pants.I have been wearing white in winter for years, and I love them no weather what day of the year it is!!

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