I could hear the spaceship and knew aliens were about to abduct me…

File this under:  Things that go WHIR in the night

Last night was one of those nights I remember from my childhood… spaceships, aliens and all.

I was suddenly awakened by a noise so loud and horrific that I thought a Mack truck had crashed into our bedroom.  In my frightened daze, I told myself that’s not possible because our bedroom is on the second floor… but a Mack truck could reach the second floor Oh my God what has happened???

Only to discover Barry sound asleep and SNORING like, well… the sound of a Mack truck crashing into our bedroom

Ordinarily, Barry doesn’t snore, but he has a rather nasty head cold that obviously has some impact on his breathing patterns.

At 2:36 am.

I shoved nudged him a bit, screaming whispering, “Honey, Honey… are you OK?” “HONey. BARry. BARRY! STOP BEFORE I JUMP OUT THE WINDOW ONTO THAT MACK TRUCK…”

Barry obliged by turning over and quietly settling into those little pre-snore breaths.

I knew I was doomed.

But wait?

What’s that OTHER sound?

That familiar whirring sound… whirring engine sounds so quiet, yet so distinctive, so technologically advanced… in the middle of the night.

Or 2:37 am.

A sound so familiar from my childhood.  UFOs.  The Twilight Zone.  1958.  1959.  1960.

“Barry,” I really did whisper, “do you hear that?”

“Justsomethingmaybe,” he answered, at the ready to cater to my every frightened need.

The whirring was steady.  Loud.  Nearby.


I lay as silent as a lamb (and just about as terrified), waiting for the thump.

“Honey… Honey… HONey… HONEY,”  I gasped.  “Do you hear that?”

“Justsomethingmaybe.”  My hero.

I pulled the sheet and blanket up to my eyes and listened.  Not breathing.  The whirring was more steady than I could have imagined of any hovering spaceship.  But it IS 2012.  Certainly, aliens have perfected their spacecraft in 5 decades.

I lay there… listening to Barry about to begin snoring again AND to the hovering spacecraft with the aliens about to abduct me.

Then something possessed me to get out of bed and investigate.  I peeked out of our 3 bedroom windows.  Nothing.  I walked down our hallway to each of 2 bedrooms.  Nothing.  I checked 2 toilets and our stacked washing machine/dryer system for water/air sounds.  Nothing.

I was about to head downstairs, but I was suddenly 6 years old again…

At 2:40 am.

I crept back to bed and waited.  Waited for what? The aliens that were so part of the news, headlines, television shows and movies from my childhood.

The whirring never ceased, but exhaustion took over.

It was 7:00 am.

Barry was up and already downstairs.  I could smell the coffee and hear him in the kitchen.

I tentatively listened.

The whirring was still there.

Oh no… what if that’s NOT Barry in the kitchen?  What if the aliens took him instead and are experimenting on him right now and sent someone in his place???

Give me the Mack truck in my bedroom over aliens… any time.

I got up and headed downstairs calling, “Honey.  Honey…”

Barry called back in his ever-effervescent morning voice, “Hi, Honey.  Coffee’s ready.”

But I know that aliens can mimic human beings.

I’ve seen all the movies.

And the whirring sound was getting louder.

And louder.

Then I saw it…

The living room overhead ceiling fan…

Directly under our bedroom.

Left on.

All night.

Whirring.  Whirring.

Hovering.  Hovering.

Bringing me back to my childhood of spaceships, aliens and all that.

Man, did I need that cup of coffee.






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