As a child of the 50’s, you’d think I’d love Pink

A little whimsy added to my Pink & Gray bathroom…

In my new home, there’s a tight-fitting upstairs bathroom tucked into the eaves of the roof-line…

This bathroom is a statement from the 40’s or 50’s, and being a child of the 50’s and all, you’d think that I’d love its Pink & Gray theme.  You know, in the spirit of Mamie Eisenhower’s “Pink Palace” White House and all.

I kind of didn’t like it at first, but the little space is growing on me; growing on me like Wild Pink Clover fills meadows and pastures with its lovely hues.

I have actually grown to love the Pink, Gray & White motif that dances around the tile of the entire space…

… with its little bows or ribbons or vines or whirligigs or whatever suits my imagination at the moment.

Someone, a very long time ago, took lots of time and love designing this little space of a bathroom with the latest, most hip and cool designs and hues… possibly getting some inspiration from the First Lady herself.

Somewhere along the line, the I’m-sure-were-here Pink toilet and sink were hauled away.  I wish they were still here to keep the tub company!

But the floor is intact.  A little worn for the wear, but Pink & Gray to this very day…

Yesterday, I headed out to shop for some pure, white, whimsical romance for this bathroom.  I picked up a couple of incredible bargains… a light, airy, gossamer-looking pure white window drape and shower curtain to add that touch of whimsy and romance to the retro.

But the Pink was calling me.

And I simply couldn’t resist…

Barry and I are planning a major renovation of this space in a couple of years or so, but I’m already trying to figure out how to keep some of this history, love, Pink Palace bookmark of my very childhood.

I guess Pink has grown on me after all.






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  1. 5.17.12
    Rhonda said:

    I LOVE THE PINK AND BLUE! I use to have a pink 50’s in one of the houses we lived in when the kids were young. Your bathroom looks like it is in great shape and very clean and shiny tiles. I love the touches you added to it.

  2. 5.17.12
    Sky said:

    I’m diggin’ it. I like yours where the grey is the main color. My house (built in the 40’s) has a pink and black bathroom but the pink tile is the main color and then it is accented with black. It’s fun and quite a conversation piece. 🙂 Within the year we hope to have it gone though.

  3. 6.13.12
    Pyjus said:

    OH I didn’t see the angry bird valentines those are awmosee. AND i can’t wait to see the tute on that owl. not saying i’ll ever have time to get to it, but it is now on my obsessed list must make.

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