“Gra-Hamma, go Hamma, SC Gra-Hamma, yo Hamma”… that’s me

In my quest through a dozen boxes to find one pair of jeans to wear to my grandsons’ baseball game last night, these pants are all I could find.


MC Hammer pants.

Well, SC Gra-Hamma pants – (Sharon Couto Gramma)…

"Every time you see me, The Gra-Hamma's just so hype"...

Where they came from and “WHY?” are questions I cannot answer.

I couldn’t just find a pair of jeans?


No, no.

I kept thinking, “What would Audrey say if I show up in these?”

But ya know what SC Gra-Hamma says… ahem, sings:

“Go with the funk, it is said
That if you can’t groove to this then you probably are dead.”

Hey, I just may keep these pants and keep on singing…

It feels good, when you know you’re old
With super dope pants from “who knows?”;
And I’m known as such
And this Gra-Hamma, uh, you can’t touch…

Can’t touch these
Can’t touch these
Can’t touch these
Can’t touch these
Can’t touch these
Can’t touch these
Can’t touch these…


Yo, I told you.

Can’t touch these.

Well, you probably can’t FIND these pants… anywhere!





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  1. 5.31.12
    Rhonda said:

    LOVE IT! And your Gra Hamma pants….they sorta make you look on the short side…LOL…You sure do keep life interesting. Who knows, you just might bring back the style!

  2. 5.31.12
    admin said:

    Rhonda… too funny! I was thinking the same thing, but word them anyway! xo!

  3. 5.31.12
    admin said:

    I mean, “wore” them. Word to yo motha!

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