P&G everyday Resolution: Creating a Vision Board

My P&G everyday resolution today is to make a vision board, capturing my hopes, dreams and goals.

When I was in high school my swim coach had everyone on our team make a vision board. He gave us each a white poster board, laid out dozens of magazines and told us to find images and words and people and places that inspired us. I spent hours creating mine. I’ll never forget that day because it motivated me in so many ways. It was the first time I had ever put my dreams like that on paper. I hung that poster in my bedroom and every single morning I was greeted with it. It was just what I needed

I ended up making vision boards for myself every year throughout high school and even into college. They became the greatest motivators for me in swimming and school and in my personal life. It’s funny; every year my vision board changed in some way… reflecting the dreams and goals in my life at certain times. My mother has my vision boards from high school tucked away somewhere in her attic. I’d love to go back and find them to show my husband and sons.

The last time I made a vision board was when I was engaged. I put dozens and dozens of pictures and photos on my board of the wedding I dreamt of having. My wedding on June 30, 2001 was my vision board come to life.

Honestly, what I was doing was the “old” version of Pinterest. I was pinning everything that I loved at moments in my life.

Here I am now. Present day. 34 years old, a wife and mother of 4 with more dreams and goals still in the making. I want to bring those dreams and goals to fruition and I’m going to do that by making a vision board and hanging it in my office.

I have to tell you, it’s beyond inspiring to see your dreams and goals in front of you. It’s seeing these visions that help make them come to life!

What will you do to make your dreams come true?

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