8 Reasons Why I LOVE Serta’s Perfect Sleeper for the Boys

8 Reasons Why I LOVE Serta’s Perfect Sleeper for the Boys

The boys have been officially sleeping on the new mattresses for 2 weeks now.

2 weeks.

I have to be honest, I was worried about swapping them out because you just never, ever know how someone (especially a child) will adapt to a new mattress. For my husband and I, when we switched to a Serta iComfort from our local Cardi’s store, it was the easiest transition in the world. We were in LOVE from Day 1.

Would the boys be the same way?

Would they even know that something was different?

Would everything in “sleeping world” be OK for them?

These were the kinds of questions racing through my mind… and you know what? All was well. All was VERY well.

I wanted to share 10 Reasons Why I (personally) Love Serta’s Perfect Sleeper for the Boys…

1) My sons are sleeping in their beds throughout the night. Oh, yes… I’m going to say that ONE MORE time for full effect. My sons are sleeping in their beds throughout the entire night. This is so NEW for us! We usually have all 4 in our room by 4AM. We stopped letting them come into our own bed a good year ago. We lay out sleeping bags for them at the foot of our bed and that’s where they used to all go. It’s weird waking up in the morning with an empty bedroom. Weird, but GOOD!

2) I LOVE how my son’s are sleeping on a mattress that is ultra-soft. Their last mattresses were so thin, so I love just looking and seeing this plush beauty and knowing that they’re on a soft surface.

3) My sons WANT to go to bed at night. They actually don’t give me a hard time when I say those dreaded words, “It’s BEDTIME guys!” Not when I say it, they’re all like… “OK… !” And head upstairs. Do I know if this is directly because of the new mattresses? No… but it’s the ONE change in their bedroom life right now.

4) The tossing and turning has stopped for my Alex. Whenever I put Alex to bed, when I go up and check on him… he’s changed positions. I’m not just talking a small one, like he’s facing north, south, east and then west. He’s sweating. It’s crazy. This has stopped all of that. It’s been wonderful. The Perfect Sleeper Plush features Serta’s exclusive Advanced Comfort Quilt® to help reduce the pressure points that can cause tossing and turning.

5) I love that it’s improving the QUALITY of my sons’ sleep.

6) I love Serta’s Memory Foam, which gently contours to the body at the sleep surface, helping to relieve pressure points for a more comfortable sleep. I actually slept with Henry the other night because the a/c was out in our bedroom and I had the most amazing sleep with him! Very sort and comfortable and supportable.

7) I know this mattress will last us YEARS. Every time before, we just bought the cheapest for the boys (and knew it would need to be replaced soon). This time around, we know it will be a LOT different

8 ) The temperature of the mattress is just PERFECT. It’s not too hot. It’s not too cold. My sons are traditionally hot sleepers (just like my husband). I don’t have to worry about that anymore. As their mom, I can rest assured that it’s not too much.

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