Best Potty Training Products

Potty training can be one of the most difficult things to get your child to do on his own. There are some “tricks of the trade” products that can help you during this challenging time. Here are my favorite five products.

Potty training can be brutal.

Absolutely, positively brutal.

I have potty trained four children, all boys. I never, ever fathomed that pee could fly as high or as sideways as it did during my potty training time. With all of my sons, they needed to be trained by the time they turned 3 years old or they couldn’t enter preschool. My husband and I were on a mission to make sure they weren’t only trained, but that they had it down pat! The last thing we wanted was to have to hold them back simply because they weren’t potty trained yet.

Not to mention, we were ready to get the boys out of diapers. When our youngest came home from the hospital, we had three boys in diapers and one in Pull-ups. It was crazy! Every week we’d drive to Target and stock up on the week’s diapers. To say we couldn’t wait for them to be potty trained is an understatement.

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