Mom Blogging Advice: How to name your blog

Mom Blogging Advice: How to name your blog

How to name your blog

The first step you need to do as a blogger is name your blog. I’m not kidding when I say this, but it’s like naming a child!

You want to make sure the name you pick is perfect and that it will grow with you (and your family) as you evolve.

This can be for many bloggers the trickiest and most time consuming part. It’s not that easy to sit down and just come up with something.

It can take a good amount of time and brainstorming to really come up with that jewel of a name. And believe me, it’s worth waiting until you know you have it.

When I started blogging back in 2005 with my mom and sister, we made a rookie mistake. We named our mom blog

The logic behind this name was that everyone either has a pink (girl) or a blue (boy) when they become a mom.

Mom Blogging Advice: How to name your blog

At the time, we thought it made perfect sense… right? The only problem was, I didn’t personally have a daughter and the name always left people asking us, “What does it mean?”


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