Best of Beauty Tuesday: COVERGIRL Makeup Tip

Best of Beauty Tuesday: COVERGIRL Makeup Tip

It’s Tuesday… which means, it’s BEST OF BEAUTY Tuesday!

When it comes to makeup tips, I always turn to the professionals.  I love makeup, but I’m not someone who knows the inner workings of it all.  I lean on the people that do…

COVERGIRL has an incredible section on their sitefor EYESHADOW TIPS.

What I LOVE about this tip page is that it’s easy, practical and doable for women.  I don’t feel intimidated reading the tips, if anything… I feel VERY anxious and ready to do them!

I wanted to share this very cool EYESHADOW TIP about making your eyeshadow POP and look more dramatic!

See how taking a little water to your shadows helps create special effects.

Wet your applicator tip and dip in your shadow shade—this will create a darker, more dramatic shadow effect.

Pro Tip: Apply dry shadow to lid. Then, wet applicator, dip in same color, and draw a line close to upper lash line. You’ll get a subtle contrast of shading that’ll make you a standout.

Try it, it totally works!

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