51 FREE Gifts Your Husband Could Give you for the Holidays

51 FREE Gifts Your Husband Could Give you for the Holidays

Every holiday season my husband asks me, “What do you want for Christmas?”

And every year I say to him, “I really don’t need anything.”

Truth be told, I’d just love some additional help around the house and some time for a little R&R.

The more I’ve talked to my girlfriends about this, the more I’m seeing I’m not alone on this topic.

I had a little fun this morning coming up with 51 FREE Gifts your Husband Could Give you for the Holidays that would mean more than anything monetary (within reason).

These all won’t apply for everyone, you’ll most likely identify with a couple or a few of them, but truly… this is a list you could pass along to your husband.

Tell me if I’m missing anything!

101 FREE Gift Ideas from your Husband:
Write a Love Note
Draw a Bubble Bath
Make a Pot of Coffee in the Morning
Empty the Dishwasher
Put new Photos in the Frames
Clean the Toilets
Fold the Laundry
Make the Bed
Make Lunches for the Kids
Print out a Beautiful Poem
Vacuum the House
Play a Board Game Together
Change the Toilet Paper Roll
Make Dinner
Cut Fresh Flowers from the Garden
Match the Socks
Pour a surprise Glass of Wine
Bake Cookies
Queen of the Remote Control for the Night
Walk Together Around the Neighborhood
Beautiful Drawing
Video Montage of your Life
Fill those Photo Albums with Photos
Make a Fire and Cuddle Together
Take the Kids Outside While you Shower without ANY Interupptions
Re-Paint that Room You’ve Wanted Done Forever
Create a Scrapbook
Clean the Playroom
Let you Sleep Late
Leave Notes All Around the House that Only YOU Will See
Ask for a Grocery List and Go Get it Done
FIll Out the Holiday Cards and/or Help Address Them (or put stamps on them)
Book a Family Portrait
Breakfast in Bed
Homemade Chicken Soup (recipes are easy to find online)
Clean the Fridge from Top to Bottom
Put the Kids to Bed and have a Romantic Dinner Together at Home
Watch TV Holding Hands
Leave Out Your Favorite Section of the Paper
Help Decorate the House for the Holidays
Wrap all the Gifts with Tags and ALL!
Text “I love you” or “I miss you” Just Because
Make Extra Room in the Closet for You
Hang Those Pictures That Need to be Put Up
Book that Summer Vacation
Pot of Tea Ready when the Kids Go to Bed
Foot Massage
Tweet you Cute Little Messages
Find an Old (but really GOOD!) Photo of the Two of You and Tag on Facebook
Write a List of 100 Reasons (or more) on What He Loves About You
Play XBOX or the Wii together


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  1. 11.16.12
    Jackie said:

    You never cease to amaze me. Such a fun and thoughtful post – packed with ideas that I’M SO USING!!!!!!!!!

  2. 11.17.12
    Megan said:

    I love this list!!!! Husbands don’t always understand that these little things make a huge difference. Especially the make a pot of coffee and let me sleep late! Or shower while he entertains the kids.

  3. 11.17.12
    melissa said:

    I’m emailing this list to my husband. Seriously. These are the kind of things that make me feel so special to him!!

  4. 11.18.12

    SUCH a great post!! I would take any one of these anytime 🙂 Brilliant!

  5. 11.19.12
    Melinda Melvin said:

    This is a great list. My husband does a few of these things already but not as often as I would like. If I mention something I feel like I am complaining. He sometimes says I act like he does nothing all day. He does tell me how much he appreciates the hard work that I do everyday. I just wish he helped more on his days off. Glad to know other mothers feel the same way.

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