Babies, Babies Everywhere

A few years ago it seemed like all of my friends were getting married at once. It was like this mass marriage phenomenon of all the late-twenty-something people I knew. For my first marriage I was pretty young – I had turned 24 a few weeks before the wedding – and by the time I was 28, I was getting divorced. So it seemed that my marriage was breaking up while all of my peers’ marriages were starting.

Luckily, I met Brian, the man of my dreams, around that same time and knew pretty soon after we met that I wanted him to be part of my life from then on. For our wedding this past summer I was 31, and many of those friends who got married while my first marriage was ending had started families or were patiently waiting for their due dates to arrive.

This morning I went for a walk with my friend Becky and then we went to Seven Stars Bakery in Providence afterwards for coffee (though, for the sake of accuracy I will tell you I actually had hot chocolate 🙂 ). I saw so many moms (and dads) pushing baby carriages during our walk, and at the bakery there were babies and toddlers everywhere I turned.

Every day, more and more, I’m ready to be a mom. There are babies, babies everywhere, whether it’s in my Facebook newsfeed or, well, seemingly any other place I go, and I’m hoping that 2013 is the year Brian and I bring a baby into this world, or at least have a due date to anticipate.

I think about the fact that I’ve done a complete 180 on the idea of having kids, since I was pretty content with being child-free for awhile. All I can conclude is that it’s just the right time, and I’ve found the right man. I can’t wait to hold our future baby in our arms.

Me, in 2005, holding my newborn nephew Alexander. Dad is in the background holding my nephew William.

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  1. 11.16.12
    Paula said:

    You will be a great mom …

  2. 11.16.12

    awww. I went from the “never having a child” camp to a mom of 2 and while it’s exhausting and crazy, I can’t imagine going back to no kids. I just can’t. It’s wonderful, and I wish you so much luck ahead!

  3. 11.16.12
    Connie Camp Ribera said:

    Jane, I can relate to both sides of this coin. I had my first child at the age of 24. I had gotten married the year before. I felt like I was the first one getting married, having babies, the works. By the time I was 30 I was divorced. It seems to me as though the second time around, having my daughters at ages 32 and 35, EVERYBODY was getting married and having babies. Even couples I have known for 10+ years are starting to settle into married life and contemplating beginning families of their own. I don’t think there’s one neat cookie cutter formula that was made for everybody to follow. You have your own journey ahead of you, and you and Brian will have your own incredible story to tell when the time comes. In the meantime, enjoy each day as it comes. BTW, when the time comes, you are going to be an amazing mama!

  4. 11.16.12
    Sheri said:

    You just gave me happy goosebumps! Best of luck and lots of love Jane!

  5. 11.16.12

    It’s crazy how things can seem that way in certain situations. All I know is you’ll be a fantastic mom and I can’t wait to read about your family’s journey, dogs and all!

  6. 11.16.12
    Abbey said:

    Such a sweet post Jane. You will make an amazing mama!

  7. 11.16.12
    Megan said:

    Motherhood is amazing, and I think you will be a wonderful mom! It sounds like the time is right for you. Good luck…I’ll be excitedly waiting for news 🙂

  8. 11.17.12

    You will make an AWESOME mom! It’s funny how time can change feelings. I was so different in my twenties than I am now in my mid-thirties. I never thought I would be a SAHM, yet here I am! 🙂

  9. 11.17.12
    Sharon said:

    Such a beautiful and heartfelt message…and I can tell it is from the heart of a mom. Best wishes for your baby dreams to come true very soon!

  10. 11.17.12

    Jane – You are going to be such an amazing mom. What you have with your husband is so special. All you need to remember is that you waited to be married to this wonderful guy before starting your life together. And to enjoy one another before starting a family. Be patient, it will happen in perfect timing.

  11. 11.17.12
    melissa said:

    You are going to be a fantastic mom, I can tell!!

  12. 11.17.12

    You’re going to be a wonderful Mama, I can’t wait!

  13. 11.18.12
    Elaine said:

    That is so exciting that you are starting to think about having a family! From my experience, I would encourage you to not wait too long. I was a little older than you and ended up with fertility issues. Luckily, I have my daughter and it all worked out. I just wish I knew at your age what I know now. Sooner is better than later.

  14. 11.18.12

    You and Brian are going to make the BEST parents for your future babies! I feel so blessed to have known you through so much of this happily ever after journey. I can’t wait to be part of this part too! Love you! <3

  15. 12.4.12
    Marcella said:

    Check out , it will show you what your baby might look like …

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