Meal Planning For the Week: January 21-27

My first-ever week of meal planning went really well last week, so I’m at it again. It was so helpful to already know what I was going to make for dinner – and have all the ingredients – ahead of time. I never had to dread that late-afternoon what-am-I-going-to-make-for-dinner? question. Brian loved it, too. Win/win!

Here’s what I have planned for this week:

Monday: Roasted chicken (bought from Stop & Shop), broccoli and risotto (and corn bread for Brian)

Tuesday: Baked mustard lime chickenbroccoli and sweet potato fries

Wednesday: Quick mini meatloaves (my Mom made this a few weeks ago and it is amazing), mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus

Thursday: This is Brian’s night to run with our running buddies so he will be eating at a restaurant after the run. I’m going to make baked ziti and summer veggies for myself. (If Brian ends up staying home rather than running, I will also make garlic bread for him.)

Friday: We usually go out to eat with my parents, so this will be a dining-out night

For the weekend, I will have leftovers from the week!

Also, now that I have a better handle on where it’s best to fit workouts into my schedule, here’s my workout plan for the week:

Monday: 30 minutes on the bike, upper body workout, abs

Tuesday: Yoga body bootcamp

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the bike, abs

Thursday: Yoga body bootcamp, swimming

Friday: swimming, yoga, abs

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: 45 minutes on the bike, yoga

Do you have a meal and exercise plan for the week?

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