Best of Beauty – 5 Easy Hairstyles for the Beach

Best of Beauty – 5 Easy Hairstyles for the Beach

At some point this summer, I’m willing to bet you’ll find yourself at the beach. It’s one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to be on a hot summer day.

I literally live about two miles from the beach so I try to get our family there as much as possible. It’s calming. It’s serene. It’s just a wonderful place to veg out in the summer and enjoy.

But come on ladies… there’s always the dreaded beach-hair-woes. You know what I mean, right? I never go to the beach without my hair up. I need to make sure it’s out of my face and secure. It doesn’t matter if I happen to go into the water with my sons, lay out on the blanket or take a walk collecting shells… my hair needs to stay PUT! I don’t want to worry about it being all over the place.

Here are 5 Easy Hair Styles for the Beach:

1) Simple Bun – This is a super, easy hairstyle to create. Simply slick your hair back into a comfortable bun with an elastic band. It’s easy because it will completely stay put and out of your face all day. If it’s secure enough, you can even go in the water with it and not worry about it coming out.


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