My baby turns 30, one milestone at a time ~ #Blogust 2013

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Back in the day (I love saying this phrase to my 10 grandkids!), I didn’t personally know any women who took photos of their baby-abundant bellies. But something, something kept nudging me to do so with this baby, this baby who would be joining two older brothers and an older sister a few days after this photo was taken by my husband Barry, a photo that I’ve never shared until now…

This baby is our Jane Hillary, the baby who would forever be our baby. This photo is the first milestone on the journey of our daughter, a journey of 30+ years, countless miles and stone upon stone upon stone of building the magnificent cathedral of her life.

Jane Hillary immediately lived up to her name: Jane, God’s gracious gift and Hillary, cheerful one. Jane cooed and smiled and laughed at her siblings and her Dad and me.  She walked early, talked early, read early, danced and sang and began building elaborate theatrical sets for her theater presentations before pre-school. By Kindergarten, Jane was writing her own material.  She lived to love and loved to live…

… always building, always building the cathedral of her life-journey, one milestone at a time.

Along the way, Barry and I talked many times of having another baby. But Jane nursed until she was 3 years old… and quitting was a milestone in itself, if you ask this Mama.  The night prior to her 3rd birthday, I sat Jane down and had a real conversation with her about nursing.  Her response was something like, “OK, I’m done.”  Shockingly easy.

By then, life was rather easy with 4 children.  It was solidified. Jane was destined to be our baby and that’s why I had felt  something, something nudging me to forever capture the baby-abundant belly that I’d never know again.

Our baby thrived, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially. She excelled at school. She became a New England ranked swimmer, an All-Star Softball player and dreamed of playing drums, like her grandfather.  Milestone upon milestone of building, always building her cathedral. Soaring with curiosity, with confidence of life and surrounded with love…

Always giving back, too – Jane’s love of family, love of people, love of learning, love of writing, love of animals.  Charitable. Compassionate. Caring. At 8 years old, Jane (and her sister Audrey, but mostly Jane!) begged her Dad and me into rescuing two abandoned, abused, malnourished litter-mate puppies; puppies whom, for all intents and purposes, became children #’s 5 and 6…

Jane entered her tween and teen years with all the joy she had felt as a child, and then some.  Enter complex school assignments, sports and extracurricular commitments, boys. Jane excelled. Jane was blessed with very nice boy-friends (remember, she has two older brothers who watched over her!), but even at that, couldn’t escape a broken heart or two. I remember sitting with a sobbing, broken-hearted Jane and telling her to feel this broken-heart pain, to really, really feel it, because when it was over, she’d know that she could survive just about anything.  Young broken hearts are the most perfect milestones and building stones in a life-cathedral because the broken pieces mend with extra strength.  Jane would eventually believe me, because it’s true.

Then. One day. Everything changed.

Jane had just turned 15 years old. She was a sophomore in high school.  She suddenly began suffering the most frightening moments of her life in what would be diagnosed as Anxiety Disorder. Out of nowhere. From nothing. To fear of everything.

Our curious, fun, active, loving girl had ceased to exist.

The cathedral walls were crumbling.

Milestones became staying in school all day. Or sometimes just an hour.  Milestones became finding safe refuge in the office of a caring, compassionate counselor or adolescent psychiatrist. These milestones were few and far between.  Milestones became discovering outdoor sports that didn’t feel restricting or suffocating.

Milestones became seeing our daughter re-emerge through tiny, tiny steps – joining her high school *cross-country team rather than swim team or softball, even though Jane had never run before. Requesting extra course assignments – to make up for days absent from school.

Milestones became overcoming the shunning of “friends”- some of whom were cruel beyond words.

Milestones became finding the correct medications for correct diagnoses.

One great and important milestone that began the re-building of Jane’s life-cathedral was one English teacher; one teacher who understood Jane’s diagnosis and allowed her, encouraged her, to study the topic of Anxiety Disorder as her Senior Project.  Jane set about her research and work with a heart and mind of the Jane I knew…

Each phone call, each interview, each word a milestone in recognizing this disease and hopeful recovery.

As Jane’s mother, I didn’t allow myself beyond one-day-at-a-time to think about the traditional rite-of-passage milestones of graduating from high school, going off to college, getting a job, falling in love and getting married, perhaps having babies of her own.

Milestones took own a whole new meaning for me, a meaning that taught me to be a better Mom, a better teacher, a better daughter, a better wife, a better friend, a better person.  Watching my baby struggle with tiny steps and moving pebbles rather than stones made me more patient, more compassionate, more tuned into others’ struggles. Watching a lovely cathedral fall to pieces before your eyes is a life-changer, a call to hold and to lift up what’s left with all the strength you have.

Jane finished her Senior Project.  Her English teacher was so taken by it that he encouraged Jane to submit the written anecdotal piece to teen magazines – to help someone, anyone, in the same situation. TEEN magazine responded immediately, offered Jane $300.00 (she donated the entire amount to a local charity) and published her piece in its February 1998 edition…

With time, family support, the correct physician/counselor fit, correct diagnosis, correct medication/therapy, prayer and her catharsis in print, Jane emerged strong and confident, ready to explore life’s possibilities.  Her cathedral stood ready for new milestones

Fifteen years later ~ Jane has built cathedral facades, aisles, crossings, transepts, cloisters, choirs, walls and choirs that touch the sky!  Milestone upon milestone upon milestone and so many more to come.

She graduated from Brown University with a degree in American History.  She’s fallen in love. She’s fallen out of love. She’s broken free from a couple of crapmasters (I just made that word up. I like it, so I’m keeping it.)

Jane, her sister Audrey and I co-founded our website Mom Generations. We each have our own voice, writing our own content, about our own journeys and the things we love, while keeping our collective centers in one place. It’s a wonderful job.

*She’s qualified for and run Boston Marathon, twice (lemonade from lemons!).

Jane turned 30, a rather huge milestone in itself.  Yes, my baby turned 30, one milestone at a time.

Jane found her perfect man and he found Jane… at a running race, no less (yes, that high school *cross-country running changed the architecture of Jane’s life-cathedral), and they were married last summer –

Jane’s love of animals, her work with humane societies and her rescue efforts continue as her passion…

And perhaps the greatest milestone of all is happening to Jane and her husband Brian right now, as I write this post…

Their baby.  My baby’s baby, due in February 2014.  Our grandchild, waving at us from my inside Jane’s growing Baby-Belly.  And when Jane’s belly is abundant with baby, I’m going to photograph her belly in all of its fullness of life, for her forever moment, her forever milestone with her baby.  Just like my photograph with her, the one I’ve never shared ’til now because it wasn’t yet time. It’s going to be an emotional, circle-of-life moment for my baby, my baby’s baby and me.

Then I will watch my baby watch her baby grow in strength and wisdom, building his or her own cathedral, one milestone at a time.

I don’t take milestones or moments for granted.  I cherish them as gifts, as celebrations, as miracles even… the tiniest, seemingly insignificant ones to the traditional rite-of-passage life changers.

I believe with all my heart that each child in the world deserves the miracles of moments and milestones. This is why I’ve partnered with [email protected] and its Blogust campaign, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation that is providing vaccines for children in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places. In writing about my daughter Jane and her journey of milestones at turning 30, I’m cognizant that so many other children will never have the chance at good health, curiosity of learning, soaring happiness or family support without our help. I would love you to help these children and to make sure that families have the beauty of watching their children build their cathedrals along their journeys.

Again, I ask you to please leave a comment, even the tiniest comment, on this post and in turn Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child in need.  A child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable disease. We can change this reality and help save lives, so please leave a comment here and share this post to any and all who’ll do the same.

Can a comment make a difference? With Blogust, it can. Each day we will bring you a personal story about moments that matter. Every time you comment, you will unlock a donation to purchase a life-saving vaccine for children around the world who need them most.  Please, please leave a life-saving comment today.


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  1. 8.30.13
    Frank said:

    What a beautiful story! As a current high school english teacher–with adult children of my own–it was a pleasure to read your post and to experience your daughter’s journey. I’m glad she had an encouraging/understanding english teacher to help her through senior year. I see so many who have no one to advocate for them while they are at school. And thank you for advocating for the many children across the world who have no voice. Thank you–and thanks to Walgreen’s and [email protected]!

  2. 8.30.13
    Myrdin Thompson said:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing how important milestones are even when they don’t seem like milestones.

  3. 8.30.13

    Once again, you are thinking of others. You make me proud to be your friend. I didn’t realize that Jane and my twins were the same age. I love that we are both waiting for our next grandchild together. xoxo

  4. 8.30.13

    I am so sorry I have to read this in a hurry b/c I am heading out the door to work but I loved it and as a parent of a 17 year old struggling with some of these same issues, it means a lot to know I am not alone.

  5. 8.30.13
    Audrey said:

    So incredibly beautiful, Mom. Jane’s a strong woman… but it’s your strength that helped us all get through. Love you both so much. xo

  6. 8.30.13
    Chrysula said:

    What an age! One of my favorites ever. I feel like 30 was the year I became unapologetic about my voice. And, here is to more children reaching that milestone as adults of impact!

  7. 8.30.13
    Sally-Jo said:

    for the vaccine :p – trolling for a better tomorrow!

  8. 8.30.13
    Pam Petty said:

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. 8.30.13
    Lou Yufan said:

    For the sake of all the babies. For the sake of the human being.

  10. 8.30.13
    Annalisa said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful story!

  11. 8.30.13

    Jane is an amazing young woman and will be such a great Mom. Her story is so important to tell. Thank you.

  12. 8.30.13
    Emma said:

    Happy birthday to Jane! You’re lucky to have such loving support.

  13. 8.30.13

    Sharon, you are a beautiful writer. What an amazing and lovely story about Jane. You are all so blessed to have each other. Family is the foundation for everything and you have raised strong, compassionate children.

  14. 8.30.13
    Lucrecer said:

    This is absolutely beautiful. Reading your baby’s story truly made my heart sing.

  15. 8.30.13
    Ccylevin said:


  16. 8.30.13

    What a beautiful and heart warming story. I feel like I know her now and love how it was bookended with baby photos 🙂

    Sounds like a great life overall and thank you for sharing it so that we can save so many more lives around the world!

  17. 8.30.13
    Carina said:

    Absolutely beautiful Sharron! Congrats to you & your husband for building such a beautiful family and raising them into amazing adults! Jane, Happy Birthday!!! I am so happy to have met you this past year & look forward to a long friendship! (BTW, I have wicked anxiety!!)

  18. 8.30.13
    Delores Van Horn said:

    What a marvelous story – thanks for sharing the story and your daughter with us.

  19. 8.30.13
    Kate K said:

    How beautiful and uplifting!

  20. 8.30.13
    Stephanie said:

    Beautifully written!

  21. 8.30.13
    AG said:

    What a moving post!! Absolutely well written. Congratulations to all of you and all the best for the coming new member of the family.

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    Sarah said:

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing

  23. 8.30.13
    Liz said:

    THIS! This is absolutely and completely beautiful, like you and your family, Sharon 🙂 Thank you for sharing, much love and congratulations to Jane.

  24. 8.30.13
    Wendy said:

    So full of hope! I love your “cathedral” metaphor just about as much as that new perfect word you coined. “crapmaster” think I might have to borrow that one!
    Thank you

  25. 8.30.13

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with your daughter Jane. it was very touching and heartwarming to read. Both of you are amazing ! thank for helping to save other lives. As an educator and advocate i love the opportunities to help and encourage students every day and feel very lucky for this blessing!

  26. 8.30.13
    Warren said:

    What an incredible month of stories, milestones and examples of human spirit we have experienced throughout Blogust. This final message is really touching, with its tragedy and hope, and is a lovely capstone to all that we have read.

  27. 8.30.13
    Morra said:

    Just, wow. Congratulations on your many milestones and also, big props (you’ll like that one!) on hearing jane when she needed you!

  28. 8.30.13
    Pam Guyer said:

    This is just beautiful. I love seeing Sharon’s optimistic pictures, life, words and example in her posts, f/b and blog. To read this about “her baby” touches my heart because I believe we all have an untold story, I believe that beyond the smiles on f/b, there is also challenge and triumph. I am so inspired by reading this, and I am grateful to have connected with such a great example and HIPP woman. Happy B-Day Janie!

  29. 8.30.13
    Devi said:

    So true. 30 gives us the confidence to move forward with no regrets. It is truly a milestone age!

  30. 8.30.13
    Laura Filocamo said:

    Each and every post you write makes me smile from ear to ear or leaves me in happy tears! Thank you for sharing your life with us, and for using your thoughts and experiences to improve the lives of others! Write on!

  31. 8.30.13
    Sarah said:

    What a gorgeous story about an incredibly amazing person!

  32. 8.30.13

    Turning 30 was a huge year for me, I got married and felt more confident in being my own person. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your baby’s baby on the way!!! AND thank you for supporting #Blogust

  33. 8.30.13
    Meredith said:

    This was beautiful. I remember reading this story in Teen…I remember being moved by her strength and perseverance then, and even more now. Your strength as a mom and your love are inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.

  34. 8.30.13

    Sharon this is such a touching and beautiful post! Jane is so fortunate to have such a wonderful mother and family, and her story does illustrate how changing paths in life take us to new places. i am so happy for her! (and you)

  35. 8.30.13
    Veramur said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. Very best wishes to your daughter as she becomes a mother.

  36. 8.30.13
    Tyler said:

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    What an absolutely beautiful and inspiring post. Loved it!!!!

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    Some how we grow up. Thank you

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    I lovey love you AND Jane!! What an absolutely gorgeous, incredible post!! Amazing life journey, and an inspiration!! xo

  40. 8.30.13
    Steve said:

    How exciting to be able to see your “baby” reach new milestones in her life and the arrival of another grandchild for you in 2014. Thank you for sharing the story, the challenges and milestones.

  41. 8.30.13

    Beautiful Story….I’m so happy that I lived it with you and our beautiful child even through the times when we weren’t sure what tomorrow would bring. That’s why we cherish moments! Thank You Honey for your commitment to [email protected]

  42. 8.30.13
    Scala said:

    Thanks for sharing! Very touching story.

  43. 8.30.13

    How beautiful. Thank you for sharing this story. Wishing I had used waterproof mascara this morning!

  44. 8.30.13
    Kelly said:

    I think that writing about and living with and dealing with anxiety isn’t discussed nearly enough so thank you for opening up Jane’s life (and yours!) to share with us how important it is that we help build cathedrals. What a great analogy.

  45. 8.30.13
    Nicole said:

    Another post that made me cry and smile. Thank you for sharing. You are truly blessing with an amazing family!

  46. 8.30.13
    Rob Dexter said:

    Thank you Sharon for your touching story and for the opportunity to help with the effort to rid the world of polio. Thanks to everyone else concerned, as well, from UNF and [email protected] right down to the littlest donor/helper! 🙂

  47. 8.30.13
    Karen said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful story!

  48. 8.30.13
    Sheri said:

    I think those stones with those tiny pebbles in between make a stronger cathedral. You have an absolutely incredible daughter. xo

  49. 8.30.13
    Andrea said:

    This is a beautiful post. I have tears streaming down my face (I hope my coworkers don’t notice). Thank you so much for sharing. And congratulations to your daughter and her husband!

    Although I don’t remember it, I’m sure I read Jane’s story in TEEN magazine. I had a subscription to it all throughout high school and I read each one cover to cover.

  50. 8.30.13
    REK981 said:

    Wonderful story! Thank you for supporting [email protected]!

  51. 8.30.13
    IlinaP said:

    This gave me chills. Congrats to your baby!

  52. 8.30.13
    Elena said:

    Oh m goodness what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this part of Jane’s story – as well as your perspective as a mom.

  53. 8.30.13
    Dresden said:

    This was so beautifully told! I love the visual of each child building their own cathedral – so powerful.

  54. 8.30.13
    Paula said:

    Congratulations jane

  55. 8.30.13
    Jeannine said:

    Sharon, I love this post so much. What a remarkable family you and Barry have – so much love and support. We are in the midst of a life-building event with my 15 year old daughter and your post resonates with me so completely. Thank you.

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    Lee O. said:

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    Jess said:

    This is a wonderful story 🙂

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    Dee said:

    I am sincerely honored to know the Coutu family. They are all wonderful! Sharon is always up to something amazing.

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    Dolly Navina Lakra said:

    Gorgeous ! 🙂 Much Love ! Bless Up ! 🙂

  60. 8.30.13
    Dee said:

    Congrats to Jane and Brian…they are going to be wonderful parents!!

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    Connie said:

    VERY heartwarming story and beautifully written! Such love … thank you for sharing

  62. 8.30.13
    rick said:

    Congrats on the growth, the many milestones, and the baby.
    Congrats to Mom for the writing – very touching.

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    Jane said:

    Mom, this is so beautiful, and I am honored to be featured in this important post for such an important cause. Thank you for everything you and Dad do for me and our entire family always. I love you!

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    Erin Kennedy said:


  74. 8.30.13
    Meg said:

    Sharon – I love your words to describe your ‘baby’ Jane. She has become such a strong woman and someone I am proud and honored to call friend. The love of her family is immeasurably deep! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo!

  75. 8.30.13
    Nick & Annette said:

    Not sure my comment went through so trying again :).

  76. 8.30.13
    Nili Majumder said:

    Great initiative, [email protected] and its Blogust campaign. Feeling honoured to be with this campaign for noble cause. Heartfelt thanks Sharon Couto to share precious moments of her life & her loving baby Jane. Lots of good wishes.

  77. 8.30.13
    Mary said:

    Thank you! Beautiful!

  78. 8.30.13
    Thomas Ronan said:

    Great story. There is nothing like reliving the moments of your childrens lives. If nothing else it helps you rembember all the good thinks that have happend in your life.

  79. 8.30.13
    Karen said:

    Yay Jane! I battle anxiety and panic disorder still every day myself and hope I can battle it half as well as you have!

    Great post!

  80. 8.30.13
    Dawn said:

    Jane has always been a symbol of courage to me. She’s as beautiful inside as she is on the outside, and I feel so, so, SO grateful to count her as one of my closest friends. Sharon, the photo of you is simply amazing, and thank you so much for sharing it, and the journey that your entire family traveled with Jane to bring her to the person she is today. I love you all!

  81. 8.30.13
    anon said:

    as someone who has struggled/is struggling with anxiety disorder, it is great to hear about other people living well with it!

  82. 8.30.13
    Bethany said:

    Beautifully written and such a great post!

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    Randy B said:


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    g moore said:

    Wow what an incredible story

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    Robin said:

    Thank you for this beautiful post! So happy for Jane and the rest of your family as you prepare for the new baby!

  86. 8.30.13
    S said:

    That was a very beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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    Marcella said:

    What a beautiful written story.

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    Karen said:

    What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it. It’s a great story and I’m happy to know just a little bit more about Jane!!!

  89. 8.30.13
    Samantha said:

    What an amazing story! Jane is now such a strong confident amazing woman you’d never ever know she’d been through this. Thank you for sharing her story!

  90. 8.30.13
    Connie Ciampanelli said:

    My beautiful, beautiful friend,

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been more moved by your writing than I have today. And that, my dear, is saying a lot.

    Love you to bits.

  91. 8.30.13
    Laura said:

    Tears in my eyes and so beautifully written. So very happy for Jane.

  92. 8.30.13
    Amber said:

    Very powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  93. 8.30.13
    Bri said:

    Beautiful. I know what it’s like to see your child triumph over adversity — to worry that they will not come out the other side, but to see them do so and shine. It’s the most precious part of parenting, for me. Painful, but precious.

  94. 8.30.13
    Karen said:

    Lovely story. My baby is 40 and being able to share her baby (who I often refer to as mine or ours) is one of the greatest moments for me. She shares so easily that we always feel her closeness

  95. 8.30.13
    Kate said:

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    Alison said:

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  116. 8.30.13
    emily said:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us as a part of Blogust! And many thanks to Maggie Carter, [email protected], and Walgreens for making this blog and my comment count towards saving a child’s life. Thank you!

  117. 8.30.13
    Seana said:

    As with many of the posts here on the blogust campaign, part of what’s wonderful to see is the life journey parents take when the life they foresaw for their children doesn’t go exactly as planned. Thanks to both you and your daughter for writing up your experiences.

  118. 8.30.13
    Melissa said:

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    Bobbiejo said:

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    Lynn J said:

    Thank you for sharing your very touching story and for helping kids at [email protected] I’m so happy that Jane got the help and support she needed. We all need help and support in one way or another. God bless you and all your family. I wish Jane all the best! <3

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    Kelly W said:

    As a woman living with anxiety disorder I was quite touched by this post. Your daughter demonstratedthe upmost bravery in telling her story so publicly, especially at such a young age. I commend her and I applaud you for parenting her, loving and supporting her through what I know to be an exhausting and terrifying illness.

  136. 8.30.13
    Yinka said:

    Every child deserves a good life. No child should be crippled by Polio- a vaccine preventable disease.
    Help Rotary in our effort to kick Polio out of our world.

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    Barny x

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    Our babies change us so much, no matter how, growing us as people.

  144. 8.30.13

    Sharon, Jane is such a beautiful person and friend and I feel so blessed to know you both! (And Audrey too! Such special girls.) I’m so inspired by her story and pray that it helps inspire other girls who suffer from the same thing. What she went through is unbelievable. I could tell from the first time I met Jane that she was an amazing person. Obviously, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What I adore most about her is how down to earth she is. Now, after all the ups and downs…your baby is having a baby – that’s just..beautiful. ENJOY and thank you for this inspiring post!

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    What a wonderful excerpt of your life and your youngest daughter’s. Life is about struggles and as a species we persevere. Life comes with struggles and rewards and I believe each of us are here for a purpose. We just have to find it as your daughter has found hers!

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    Congratulations!! How exciting for Jane and for you to see the circle of life completed.

    As a fellow anxiety sufferer, my hat is off to Jane for facing and conquering this terrible disorder. I know that it never truly goes away, but is something that needs regular maintenance.

    And thank you for contributing to [email protected]’s Blogust campaign.

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  165. 8.30.13
    Gail said:

    Thank you for sharing such a profoundly beautiful story, and all those special photos of the milestones. I am so glad for you that Jane came through her challenges. May the inner cathedrals of your whole family, and all beings everywhere, soar and be filled with life and laughter and light and love.

  166. 8.30.13
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    Thank you.

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    This post is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.
    My own mother could have written it. I excelled before depression knocked me down, but I always kept going and I always had support.

    I am crying because I already feel this for Addie. She is walking and talking before her LP (and some average) peers, she lives to love and loves living- each waking moment an opportunity to learn or to teach.

    You are a mother I aspire to be (and I hope to have at least three babies!).

    Thank you.
    Thank you for everything.
    Love you so much <3

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    (And when my daughter Zoe experiences her first broken heart, I am going to say what you said to Jane because it is true and perfect).

  225. 8.31.13
    F Crossley said:

    This is a beautiful message, one that speaks to all mothers. Thank you for sharing, and for working for other moms and children.

  226. 8.31.13

    I’m so honored to know, Jane, and to be able to confide in her about my own struggles with anxiety! Bless both of your hearts for their unending depth and love. The bravery, perseverance and sheer dedication shines through so strongly. It’s an amazing experience to witness.

  227. 8.31.13

    Oh Sharon…. there is so much beautiful motherly love and wisdom here…. thank you for this. You have always been such an example of grace. I will use your words when Delaney experiences her first broken heart. xoxo

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    Thanks to you and Jane for sharing her story. I’m relieved she found a way to help her through. Congratulations on all the milestones! (And aisles, and choirs, etc!)

  235. 8.31.13
    Netta Conerly said:

    Good story. Shows how one can empower oneself by purging as Jane did in talking about her disorder as her Senior project and then publishing the story.

  236. 8.31.13
    Jen S. said:

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  238. 8.31.13

    I don’t generally get weepy about things. Courage and love are sometimes scarce. This reminded me of how strong they are and how we always need to look for them.

  239. 9.1.13

    I love that you listened to that voice inside your head to take that maternity shot.

  240. 9.1.13

    Congratulations! A long and winding road, which makes the destination that much more special…

  241. 9.1.13

    Such a touching post. I had no idea Jane had issues with this! I am so proud of her for her accomplishments and abilities to overcome challenges! She is so beautiful and strong! Congrats on the new grandbaby!

  242. 9.1.13

    Congratulation on your upcoming grandchild!

  243. 9.1.13

    Thank you for sharing this post with us Sharon. Your daughters, are very blessed to have a Mom who has stood by them at all moments in their lives. That is special and so are your girls. Congrats to Jane for taking lemons and making lemonade, time and time again! Inspiring 🙂

  244. 9.1.13
    Josette said:

    What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations to Jane and her husband on their baby. Many wishes for years of health and joy for all of them.

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    ~j. said:

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  246. 9.1.13
    Diane Glasgow said:

    A very touching story! TFS!
    Best wishes!
    Diane in TN
    A [email protected] Champion

  247. 9.1.13

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on behalf of this great cause

  248. 9.1.13
    Tamara said:

    So touching – thank you for sharing.

  249. 9.2.13
    Lucy said:

    Sharon, you are such a gifted writer. I loved reading this story and so very happy that you decided to share it with the world. I wish I had known back then what you were struggling with, to offer support. As you may know, our Brian had his own struggles around the same age ( I think hormones trigger certain illnesses) and it took years of therapy, medication and prayer to get him back. By the grace of God, both Jane and Brian have grown strong and are thriving. I have always had special place in my heart for Jane because of her sweet and gentle nature. I am extremely happy to be a witness to her journey into motherhood. It warms my heart to know that both of our babies will soon have babies of their own.
    Blessings to all of you.

  250. 9.2.13
    admin said:

    Lucy, my dear precious friend… thank you for forever and always and yes, we do celebrate the blessings of moments. Love you. Love you!

  251. 9.2.13
    Heather @ Housewife Heather said:

    Jane has certainly built a wonderful & beautiful life! I’m sure with help from you & her Dad! Family is the greatest blessing & I’m so happy for all of you as you prepare to add another precious baby to your growing family! Milestone after milestone……

  252. 9.2.13
    Kirsten said:

    This is so beautiful!

    Speaking as someone who knows panic attacks all too well, it can be hard to imagine a time when things won’t be crumbling. Jane has rebuilt all of her cathedral walls, spectacularly. Her foundation – which comes from you and Barry – was always strong. She’s as lucky to have you as you are to have her.

    Thank you for sharing!

  253. 9.3.13
    Poppy said:

    All the times I’ve been with Jane I knew there was something that made me feel connected to her. I didn’t realize it was that we both have anxiety disorders. Makes me love her even more. xoxo

  254. 9.3.13
    lisa benton said:

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  257. 9.5.13
    Bernadette Andrews said:

    I am so happy you post this. We all know how dehibilitating anxiety disorders can be! A smile and a hug to our children that cope with it and do not allow it to capture their lives! Happy Birthday, Jane!

  258. 9.6.13
    Alina said:

    Here’s to the vaccines!

  259. 9.8.13
    jimmibo said:

    Great story and journey.

  260. 9.12.13

    Audrey sent me the link to your beautiful post. I am in the 27th hour of waiting in the ER to get my son Luke transferred to a hospital that has an inpatient program for his severe anxiety and panic attacks where he passes out and loses memory. Thank you for sharing this amazing story of hope. I needed it. Congrats to jane on her beautiful cathedral and her pregnancy!

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