Audrey Confidential: Update on Victoria’s Hemangioma

Audrey Confidential: Update on Victoria’s Hemangioma

It was a long week for me in regards to Victoria’s hemangioma. We saw a doctor last week in Rhode Island that I just wasn’t “feeling” in my mom-heart. He immediately jumped to putting her on a medicine called propranolol, and it worried me because babies with hemangiomas usually near their eyes or ears or any organs that might be compromised usually go on this medicine. I didn’t like how he didn’t give me options. I felt like he was rushing me and my husband out of the appointment and I left with such a pit in my stomach. Not a good feeling.

Fast forward 1 full week. I hardly slept all week. I was just not myself. I had so many fears and worries and I just kept thinking about my daughter.

Through many, many recommendations… I made an appointment at Boston’s Children’s Hospital with a specialist there who deals with hemangiomas. I can’t thank the people who reached out to me enough recommending Children’s… we got an appointment in the Peabody, MA office and went this morning.

To say I feel relief is an understatement…

I’m not kidding, I love blogging… but it’s days like today where I know the power and the beauty of blogging. Being able to share our story and get feedback from all over the country, it meant the world to me.

Thank you to everyone.


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  1. 10.2.13
    Marcella said:

    My friends son had hemangioma on his face, that grew rapidly during the first year of his life.
    After that, it stopped growing.
    He now is 6 years old, and it is almost gone.
    ( no medication, no treatments )

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