Jean Guide: Best Jeans for Moms – Fit, Style and Price

Best Jeans for Women

I am a JEAN girl.

I love jeans.

I’m FINALLY fitting back into my “old friends” since having my daughter back in July. It’s the best thing ever because with jeans, I can dress them up, I can dress them down, I can do just about anything in them and with them!

Jeans, they are MY thing.

I’m ALWAYS asked where I buy my jeans. Honestly, I buy them in a variety of different retail locations. But – and this is a big BUT – I do have my faves. 🙂 If you see me on a regular basis, I bet you know (right away) some of my faves are already!

I’m going to preface this Jean Guide post with this statement – not all jeans are created equal. You really need to find the best for YOU when it comes to fit, style and price. You need to try on a few pairs to find your best ones, but that’s OK. It’s part of the process. Since I’ve been there and done that, I want to make the process a little easier for you.

I want to share with you 5 of my FAVE jeans that I wear ALL the time. They – for me – are a win-win-win with fit, style and price. You can’t go wrong!

I’m going to kick it off with American Eagle. American Eagle is one of mt fave places for jeans. Don’t be put off that it’s a teeny-booper place. Yes, it’s for teens, but OMG – the jeans are AMAZE! First off, the jeans are at remarkable prices. Second, there are tons of different styles and fits to choose from. I’m going through a HUGE distressed jean stage right now and I’m finding so many different options at AE for this. The fit is right on (I can get short length b/c I’m 5 feet), which is VERY helpful. But mostly, it’s the price. It’s amazing. There are ALWAYS deals going on, too. You’re never going to pay over $59 for jeans. Ever.
Best Jeans for Women

Next up – Lands’ End! I started buying Lands’ End jeans about 3 years ago. I was looking for a really solid and classic fit. I wanted a classic feel, but a jean with quality. Lands’ End was perfect. The prices are great. You’ll never pay over $100 for jeans. The variety, the washes, the styles – everything is spot on. Not to mention, they’ll fit them with your body – regardless of your shape.
Lands' End Jeans

On to NYDJ! I’m not kidding, these jeans should be handed out to every single mother. These jeans are phenomenal and I absolutely love them. After I had Victoria… and my body was (ahem) getting back to normal, these are all I wore because they contoured to my body perfectly and just gave me a smooth silhouette (exactly what I needed). There is something for everyone – you get the fit, the style, the everything! Now there will run you around that $110 mark, but they are worth it 100 times over, I promise!
Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 2.11.24 PM

The GAP! This is tried and true, baby! I love GAP jeans because they really do have some incredible styles and phenomenal fit. This is my suggestion, know exactly what you want when you go. They have jeans that range in prices from a little over $100 to around the $50 mark. The washes and the fit at the GAP are always good quality, so really it comes down to personal choice. I have always had luck with GAP jeans and have continued to buy throughout the years because the jeans last, they’re timeless! Again, I’m totally into distressed jeans right now, so here are my fave picks!
GAP jeans

And last – 7 For All Mankind! Yes, I am a true love of the 7 jean. I have wore 7 jeans for ever and ever and I still think they are absolutely rocking for moms! This is what I love about 7 – they are, hands down, CLASSIC jeans. You can have these jeans for years. I still have some from 2001! I saved up all my extra money from college and bought myself my 1st pair and I still own them. The fits are fabulous and they curve to your body. My recommendation is to buy the classic styles, don’t go crazy buying distressed jeans b/c next season they may be out. Buy the darker washes that you can wear time and time again. The money is definitely a lot to spend, but you don’t have to buy 100 pairs, invest in one pair and have them last a long time.
7 for All Mankind Jeans

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  1. 3.25.14

    I’m a total jeans girl too. I love 7s. And also Joe’s and Paige… and I just bought my first pair of AG. I know… they are all spendy but I think you totally get what you pay for with designer denim. That said, sometimes you just do not want to pay 3 figures for jeans, and I do have good luck at Gap. I haven’t ever tried American Eagle, but I always notice them on the teen girls. I think I’m gonna give them a try. I want some boyfriend jeans but don’t want to pay $$ for them. Great post!!

  2. 3.27.14
    Amanda said:

    I’m with you on AEO, but I have to say, I bought a pair of 7s 6 years ago and they look as good today as they did then. I also love AG, and yes, they are soberingly expensive, but my lesser priced jeans have never lasted like these!

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