Little Black Dress Challenge

The first time I heard about this challenge I laughed! What!!?? Little Black Dress Challenge? Are you serious? People actually do this? I couldn’t understand and I thought it was a joke! Then… I saw people getting really into it and I quickly realized – WOW! This is legit. This is for real. And I need to get myself in this challenge pronto!

Little Black Dress Challenge

little black dress challenge

Little Black Dress Challenge – Are you ready for summer?

(Mentally I am. Physically I’m not.) Are you ready for an April Challenge? We’re (me and my friend Nadia) are doing this 30 Little Black Dress Challenge. Now we’re ONLY 9 days in, so you have plenty of time to hop in and join in on the fun! And yes, I totally just called it fun.

Let me star from the beginning here. It’s not easy trying to find time to workout when you’re a mom. You are exhausted. You are running around trying to make everything work. You are trying to keep it all together on the home front and the work front. The last thing you’re really thinking about is fitting in that hard workout. As a matter of fact – you’re probably just looking at the couch and thinking to yourself, “When is bedtime?”

I get it. Oh – I get it. But there’s something really powerful about putting yourself FIRST and going out there and doing something for YOU! Forget everyone else for a quick second. How do you feel when you workout? How do you mentally feel when you workout? How good to you feel when you start to see results? All of this is important and it’s something that you really should give yourself. As a mom of 5 – I get this.

And so – we’re encouraging you (with us) to do the Little Black Dress Challenge! Believe me… by the end of this challenge, you will be able to fit in a slimming and tighter-fit Little Black Dress (in 9 days I already see a different in my tone!).

Little Black Dress Challenge

Here’s the fun part…

Little Black Dress Challenge

Here’s why I love this Little Black Dress Challenge:

– You can do it on your own time

– You can do it anywhere

– Anyone can join on in with you

– You don’t have to worry about hurting yourself

– It really isn’t a difficult thing to fit in

Make time for YOU!! Have some fun with this Little Black Dress Challenge and encourage people in your life to take it with you! Let’s get that Little Black Dress out and wear it like a BOSS!

When you’re done head to Macy’s for a fabulous Little Black Dress!

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