Getting Gorgeous in the Kitchen: 5 Things in my Pantry at ALL Times

Getting Gorgeous in the Kitchen.

I explained yesterday that Vera and I are taking our Getting Gorgeous Brand and working into our blogs on a regular basis. Since we created Getting Gorgeous to be a lifestyle where moms are creating a gorgeous living for themselves… we thought it would be fun to have some regular features.

Today it’s all about the kitchen.

It’s no secret, I’m not the best cook in America.

My sons. My husband. Even my daughter. They may all attest to that very fact.

But… and this is the big but, I’m trying to get better at it. My husband is a phenomenal cook and I’ve been trying to learn from him and see what kinds of recipes and things he whips up. I’m not kidding, he’s the kind of man that can go into a pantry with 4 items and make a delicious meal. It’s simply amazing to me.

Since I DO cook meals for the family, I usually always make sure my pantry is stocked with 5 “essentials” (so to speak) at all times. OK, I know that these “5” essentials are essentials for everyone, but for me… they are quick, easy lifesavers. Since my sons are athletes and involved in after-school activities, dinner is something we finally get to do all together as the end of the day. For me, it’s my favorite time because it’s our family celebrating the day over a meal.

This is how “I” (ahem… when it’s my turn to cook), keep things simple In The Kitchen. And let me preface… my husband always has fresh veggies and fruit in the fridge, he’s always been like that, so it’s easy to add veggies to ANY of these dishes.

5 essentials for the kitchen

Prince Pasta
Uncle Ben’s Minute Rice
Pasta Sauce
French Fried Onions (I’ll put these on EVERYTHING)
White Clam Sauce (for real, my sons love it when I mix this with pasta sauce)

These 5 essentials can get me through a dinner.

Check out what Vera’s Getting Gorgeous in the Kitchen post is about HERE!

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