Giveaway: New Kindle Fire Tablet provided by Anti-Bullying Game, High School Story #Giveaway

Giveaway Kindle Fire HD

Amazing giveaway, right?

But what’s EVEN more amazing is why I’m giving one away.

This giveaway of a brand-new Kindle Fire tablet from Pixelberry Studios is meaningful because they are the creators of the socially impactful video game High School Story. High School Story, which just launched on Kindle devices, is a fun and educational mobile game played by millions of teens that lets them build their dream high school experience from the ground up.

High School Story Game

  • THROW PARTIES to unlock over 30 characters!
  • DATE your crush and play matchmaker for everyone at your school!
  • BATTLE a rival high school in an evolving story, including a showdown at the Homecoming game, a science fair, a prank war, and more!
  • PUT YOUR FRIENDS in the game and join them on adventures, dates, and parties!
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS and play their stories!
  • BUILD your dream school and decorate it with everything from a half-pipe to a box of puppies!
  • CUSTOMIZE your look and choose your clique!
  • PLAY FREE… with tons of free updates coming soon–including more characters, more stories, and more romance!

Pretty cool, huh… teens get to actually create their dream high school experience.

As you know, cyberbullying is a serious issue facing many children. Every year, one in six American teens is cyberbullied, according to the CDC.

That statistic is mind-boggling to me.

My sons are in kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade… fortunately there aren’t cyber-bullies around them yet, but it’s something that we talk about openly in our family because I’m a blogger and I see it happening quite a bit online with stories shared.

After learning about the tragic deaths of cyberbullying victims Audrie Pott and Rebecca Sedwick, the creators of High School Story decided to take a stand. Since then, they’ve introduced a special in-game storyline that has already taught two million High School Story players how to deal with cyberbullies. They’ve also used the game to raise $200,000 in donations to the anti-cyberbullying charity Cybersmile. The campaign has been featured by the Washington Post, Fox News, The San Francisco Chronicle, Fast Company, and more.

This is all just the beginning for High School Story’s creators, who plan to weave other educational and coming-of-age topics into the game.


They reached out to me with this amazing giveaway because they are trying to spread the word about High School Story. They are celebrating the game’s launch for Kindle devices by offering one of my reader’s a brand-new Kindle Fire HD tablet that’s been pre-loaded with the game.

How to enter:

1. Leave me a comment answering the question — How do you bring up and discuss internet safety with your children? Or how do you plan to as they get older?

2. You can also tweet this giveaway out for an additional entry (make sure you tag me in the tweet with my handle @AudreyMcClellan, so I can register it.)

I will choose a winner next Monday, April 14th!



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  1. 4.7.14
    Clarissa said:

    I discuss internet safety regularly with my almost 10 year old son. I keep an open line of communication with him and explain to him the dangerous and unfortunate side of the internet (cyberbullies. Cyberstalking, child predators, etc.). We have set many parental controls on his electronic devices and explained that if he should encounter anything that he feels is strange or not right while online, to tell us immediately! We have also stressed that anything he does or says via online can be traced and followed. Nothing is secure!

  2. 4.7.14

    I stay involved! I watch what my children do online. I limit the amount of screen time they get. Also, I love sites like We have rules and they have to sign a contract saying they understand the rules. I also have parental locks! We need to watch what our kids online just as much as if they were outside playing!

  3. 4.7.14
    Liza Glick said:

    I explain to my girls how dangerous it is to chat with anyone they don’t know.

  4. 4.7.14
    RICHA KAUL said:

    I don’t have any kids yet but I speak with my young niece (she stays with us and does not have parents) about internet safety.

    1) I make it a point to have regular “talks”
    2) It is very important to let kids know that “Not everything you read online is true”
    3) We agree mutually that I need to be a friend or a follower on any social network that she uses.
    Both of us understand that while I respect her privacy, I am trying to protect her online safety.

  5. 4.7.14
    Kimberly Snyder said:

    I talk with my grandchildren about it. They can only visit age appropriate sites that I give them access to. I just try to explain that we use kid/family friendly places, they are still young and chats are not an issue..yet.

  6. 4.7.14
    Lisa said:

    My kids aren’t old enough to use the computer yet but we’ll put on parental controls but we’ll also be telling our kids to feel free to come talk to us about things they see because we don’t want them to feel like they have to hide things since that could potentially put them in danger

  7. 4.8.14

    I plan to tell them by explaining that people will take advantage if you are not smart online, and I will keep computer in a local location

  8. 4.8.14

    I tell the kids that if it doesnt look like its for kids to check with me and if its mean or naughty they probably should not watch!

  9. 4.8.14

    As you know, my kids are having kids of their own now. The oldest grandchild is 7. When she is at our house, I impress upon her the importance on staying on sites that mom and dad say are okay. Luckily, so far she doesn’t know anything about chat rooms and stuff like that.

  10. 4.8.14
    AdenaF said:

    I make sure all of my kids are aware of the safeguards/parental controls that are in place on our computers and why they are there. They have to agree and understand our rules for “talking” online to people we don’t know and to never, ever give out personal information.

  11. 4.8.14
    AdenaF said:

    I also tweeted about the giveaway:

  12. 4.8.14
    @adorablesweetp said:

    What I plan to do is to tell them the dangers of what internet might present and how to protect themselves. I will also tell them about other people’s negative experiences to kind of drive it home. It is horrible out there and we have to protect our children from online predators.

  13. 4.8.14
    @adorablesweetp said:
  14. 4.8.14

    I have two kids ages 7 and 2. The 7 year old is allowed online but only on certain sites like nick jr and Disney. She is watched and has a 1 hour time limit daily. We also have a subscription to and she is allowed an additional 30 mins to play there. As she gets older she will still be monitored. Safey first. 🙂

  15. 4.8.14
    Tiffany Greene Elliott said:

    My kids aren’t old enough to use the internet yet but when they get old enough I will set up parental controls and keep an eye on what they are doing! Thank you!

  16. 4.8.14
    Tiffany Greene Elliott said:
  17. 4.8.14

    When my daughter gets older I will set up parental control on all our devices. I seriously worry about anything she will encounter online especially since she’s a girl. I’m going to bring up the conversation by showing her different movies like “Trust” or “Megan is Missing”. That way she can relate to the girls on the movie and learn about the consequences of their actions due to the cyber world and can ask me any questions. I know the movies can be a little disturbing but I just don’t want her to grow up being a naive little girl.

  18. 4.8.14
    Kelly D said:

    We set up parental controls and also monitor what our children are doing online.They are still young, but we will continue to have discussions about internet safety with them.

  19. 4.8.14
    Jessie C. said:

    We use parental control at home computer since kids are still young.

  20. 4.8.14
    Jessie C. said:


  21. 4.8.14
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    I would just explain the dangers of the internet to them and I would somehow monitor them to an extent to make sure they are safe.

  22. 4.8.14
    Courtney said:

    I think the best way is to probably tell them using my own experience online. Maybe have them watch a movie about it, too.

  23. 4.8.14
    Natalie said:

    I explain to them that it is just as dangerous to talk to strangers on the computer as it is in real life.

  24. 4.9.14
    Tanya holland said:

    My girls are not old enough yet but I will explain that strangers on the computer can be just as dangerous as ones you can see everyday. I will let them know that I will be checking on them and what sites they visit constantly.

  25. 4.9.14
    deanna hanson said:

    so far I just make sure im with him when hes online

  26. 4.9.14
    Shannon Sendejas said:

    I have two teenage daughters and we discuss this issue often. I make sure that they are aware that everything they post is permanant. They might delete it but it still could be out there somewhere. If you wouldnt say/show it to your Grandma then you shouldnt post it on the web. I also make sure I have passwords to email accts and fb,twitter IG etc. I dont invade their privacy but they are aware I can check anytime! My boys are not old enough to really navigate the computer yet. If they want to go on a website they ask and we put them on there. I will have the same disscussions with the boys that I do with the girls.

  27. 4.9.14
    Elena said:

    I tell them about dangerous people online and use parental controls

  28. 4.9.14
    sammy singh said:

    i plan to bring it up with the kids when they get older and start to use the computer and understand what it can do. i plan to be straightforward and tell them they need to treat others on the internet as they want to be treated (whether it is in person or online). i also plan to tell them about content that is out there is not for everyone and i will be monitoring and blocking inappropriate content that i feel is not healthy for them to look at. i shoot straight from the hip and will use softer language so they understand but tell them how things are. who knows in a few years things may change so i will have to adjust accordingly.

  29. 4.9.14
    sammy singh said:
  30. 4.9.14

    My son is still young so for now I explain not to click on links or go to another website without asking me first.

  31. 4.9.14
    Kari said:

    My kids are teenagers. While they are allowed certain freedoms based on the trust we have for them when it comes to social media and internet, they still have to give me all of their passwords/log-ins. They know at any given time I may check up on them and see what they are doing online.

  32. 4.9.14
    Kevin E said:

    I tell my kids that there are some people on the Internet that appear to be very nice, but are very bad. I tell them to never give out their personal info online, even to friends.

  33. 4.9.14
    Heather Hayes Panjon said:

    I Let My Kids Know That You Never Know Who Is On The Internet, I Let Them Know To Never Give Any Personal Info Out No Matter Who They Think They Are Talking To. Let Them Know To Always Speak Up When They Feel Threatened. I Also Try To Monitor Online Access Since And Set Parental Controls.

  34. 4.9.14
    Heather Hayes Panjon said:
  35. 4.9.14
    Rachel Travis said:

    No internet access while alone in rooms, computer screens are facing middle of the room & keep open communication!!

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  36. 4.9.14
    Christie L said:

    I have the passwords for my kids instagram and kix accounts. I will periodically check them to make sure that they are sticking to appropriate topics. My rules are no bad language online and no posting inappropriate pictures. The hard thing with my 13 year old is that he seems to know so much more about computers than I do. I have to learn about all the ways for kids to contact each other like snap chat and other texting sites.

  37. 4.10.14
    Vivian S said:

    Well my kids are still young.. But once they are on social media sites I will be monitoring the activity. I just want to make sure they know to keep certain information private.

  38. 4.10.14
    Kristin Welch said:

    I plan on being involved with all of their internet activity; knowing passwords, computer in public place, no internet in bedrooms, etc. I will periodically check all their social media and enforce rules of no bad language, inappropriate pictures of themselves or others and no being rude/mean to others. I will also talk to my girls about the hazards of talking to people online that they don’t know; it should never be done, because you don’t know who is on the other end of the computer, regardless of who they say they are. Monitoring is key, in my opinion!

  39. 4.10.14
    marian boll said:

    My kids are all grown with thier own familys. I tried to teach our kids from an early age all the pros and cons of being careful on everything they do, from phone calls to websites. So far I am happy to say they have not had any issues.

  40. 4.10.14
    Vivian Sun said:

    Tweeted giveaway @askviv

  41. 4.10.14
    Rebecca B said:

    By watching one of the many informative documentaries on the subject with them, and then discussing their impressions afterwards

  42. 4.10.14
    danielle Marie said:

    i am very honest with my nephew. we discuss why giving out personal information is bad and what can happen. I quiz him on it. Having worked for an online game you can not be too careful. i know too much.

  43. 4.10.14
    Adrienne Gordon said:

    We have talked about it over dinner before, we do a topic of the week. We talked about staying anonymous on the internet.

  44. 4.10.14
    Cynthia C said:

    My kids are grown but my nephew is restricted in the sites he is allowed to visit and can only chat with his friends.

  45. 4.10.14
    Margaret Smith said:

    We talked about the do and don’ts. We also keep the computers in our family room, just to be extra cautious, where my husband and I could keep an eye on them.

  46. 4.10.14

    I ask my son about his day when I get home in the evenings. I try to be aware of what he is doing as he is on the computer and I ask him what he is doing and who is he “talking ” to on the computer. I have asked him already about bullying in is school and I have come straight out and asked him if there are any problems with him and anyone on the social media site that he has. There are also “keystroke” programs that can be installed on the computer that will allow you to see everything that they (the children) do online.

  47. 4.10.14
    Crystal F said:

    I talk to my girls and make sure that the site they go to are safe. We talk about them talking to others online and what they are allowed to tell them and what they are not allowed to tell them. thank you!

  48. 4.10.14
    Ronda Patrick said:

    We actually talked to our kids about not telling ANYONE anything personal. THEN…. We tested it… We logged onto and asked several questions.. THEY FAILED!!! So, we did a little scare tactic and said we were coming to see them.. The kids came out and told us they made a mistake (crying of course). I am pretty sure that real fear has caused them to wise up to the fact that there are people out there pretending to be their age.. And they don’t want to give those people any information..

  49. 4.10.14
    Betty Baez said:

    I talk them about the dangers, what sites they’re allowed to browse, monitor their use, and use parental controls.

  50. 4.10.14
    McKim said:

    My kids are now older, but we had our computer out in the family room, with the screen facing the room so everyone could see it. That helped limit where they would wander online. We also pointed out any stories we saw about internet safety and incidents as examples of what could happen.

  51. 4.10.14
    julie murphy said:

    I monitor my kids. We have had issues with other kids and they know they can not do anything on the computer or they will get their privileges taken away. I have never had a problem with them.

  52. 4.10.14
    Nadene Adams said:

    I talk to my daughter about internet safety. She knows there are certain sites she cannot go on and she knows how to block anyone who talks to her inappropriately. I also use parental controls and monitor what she does.

  53. 4.10.14
    Jama Fukui said:

    My son is only three, but I think that now is the time to focus on being kind to others. Learning this at a young age will only make it easier to talk about topics like cyber bullying.

  54. 4.10.14
    Tarah said:

    I plan to let them know that all information they put out there can be used against them, now & in the future.

  55. 4.10.14
    melenie wamack said:

    I talk to them about the dangers and keep the computer in the family and monitor them.

  56. 4.10.14
    Maria B said:

    I watched what my little one goes on while on the computer. Set parental controls

  57. 4.10.14
    Maria B said:


  58. 4.10.14
    ghassan alsaleh said:

    for now my kid is 4 years I can controling the type of education that learning from internet but for future I think I have to tell him some instructions to let me know if something happens or strange thing are around him mybe by some personal stories to make him be careful.

  59. 4.10.14
    richelle bowers said:

    I always tell my daughter that not to give out person info. I also tell her that I have the right at any time to go through her logs

  60. 4.10.14
    Scott Martin said:

    I talk to my boys and make sure that the site they go to are safe.

  61. 4.10.14

    I told my son years ago to never share personal information with anyone online.

  62. 4.10.14
    heather brothers said:

    i tell my daughter not to post things personally on her facebook page such as ‘mom’s at store, home alone again” type of things

  63. 4.10.14
    sandra said:

    right now, we just have the shut it off or turn the volume down if there are bad words

  64. 4.10.14
    Catarina said:

    What an important topic to discuss with our children. Right now, my oldest is 5 years old and while we allow him to use his Kindle, I am the administrator on it. Anytime he gets apps, I receive an email from Amazon telling me he what he has downloaded. He doesn’t know how to search on the internet yet, so he is just using it for games/apps.

  65. 4.11.14
    christine burd said:

    We have our family computer in the family room and can monitor it easily. We stress our family values as to modesty and warned against sites that not appropriate. Talking to strangers is a no no.

  66. 4.11.14
    Kyl Neusch said:

    make sure they only go to safe sites

  67. 4.11.14
    Daniel Casto said:

    My grandchild is intelligent and knows not to enter shady websites. We have discussed this at length.

  68. 4.11.14
    Cassandra Eastman said:

    My oldest is almost 5, and as of right now he has a limited time he can play and only certain things I allow him to do. When he’s older i’ll keep his passwords and have set rules for sure!

  69. 4.11.14
    Cassandra Eastman said:
  70. 4.11.14
    Stephen Saunders said:

    I told my nephew to be careful of weirdos who want to poke his bum. lol.

  71. 4.11.14
    Lesley M said:

    I think it is important to talk to kids about the possibilities of danger on the internet. I also thinking parents need to set passwords and monitor all online interactions!

  72. 4.11.14
    harold said:

    I will try to show them the dangers of posting too much information about themselves on social networks. I will also explain and show examples of not being too trust worthy of people they do not know online.

  73. 4.11.14
    Cleo W said:

    I would introduce the subject by asking if they would like to talk to or email their friends on the computer, then gradually bring in that just as there are places they can’t go outside the house, there are places online too which they wont have access to. But it will still be fun to talk to friends, as long as they keep to the rules set.

  74. 4.11.14
    Tarissa said:

    In my family, we do restrict the sites available to browse and have discussed the dangers of chatting online, never sharing passwords, etc.

  75. 4.11.14
    Tammy S said:

    We are very open with our kids about all subjects. We just bring any topic we want to discuss with our kids at dinner. We have made sure that they understand our expectations for what is appropriate behavior online, both in language and sites visited. We also have set parental controls and limited online time. We have explained to them that it’s called the World Wide Web, so anything they say or do online needs to be okay for us as parents to see.

  76. 4.11.14
    Francine Anchondo said:

    I have restrictions when she goes on the web. I just talk about the dangers about giving info out to strangers and make sure the computer is in the living room.

  77. 4.11.14
    Hanadia Roby said:

    Right now my daughter is only 4 years old so we don’t really have need of an “internet safety” talk but she is only allowed to spend a small amount of time on the computer in the family room with us on the desktop that is in full visual sight of either or both of her parents at all time spent.

  78. 4.11.14
    MelissaN said:

    So far my son and I are only on the computer together. We will discuss inappropriate sites as this issue arises.

  79. 4.11.14
    Richard said:

    Talk to your children with some of there friends present. After you leave the room I guarantee they will continue to discuss it. That way they get other children thinking about it and will help each other make the right decision .

  80. 4.11.14

    My daughter has always seen me online. We have discussed safety, and she knows not to give out personal info! Her school also discussed internet safety with the kids!

  81. 4.11.14
    Tari Lawson said:

    I have been talking to my kids about internet safety as long as they have been allowed on the internet. I discuss it with them many times a year and any time we see it on tv. I don’t think you can discuss it enough. I don’t think there is a correct way to do it, you just have to open up the discussion.

  82. 4.11.14
    vickie couturier said:

    we don’t let them on line without adult supervision,and they are only allowed on certain sites we feel are safe for them

  83. 4.11.14
    Lisa V. said:

    I always had talks with my daughter and if a situation happens on a TV show or on the news, we would discuss again.

  84. 4.11.14
    trenda t said:

    My son is restricted by what content and sites he is allowed to access on the internet, we have discussed the safety and concerns of certain sites and what ultimately can occur from certain situations!

  85. 4.11.14
    Ivana Jankovic said:

    My kid is too young for some acitivities on the Interntet. She is just watching cartoons for now. But when she gets older I would talk to her about dangerous things on the Interntet and I would take parental control.

  86. 4.11.14
    Angela Cash said:

    My daughter and I have discussed how “stranger danger” applies to her internet activities. Her time on the computer is supervised and she is only allowed to chat with friends.

  87. 4.11.14
    Angela Cash said:
  88. 4.11.14
    Jordan Gottman said:

    I always start an internet safety talk with “Don’t do anything on the internet you wouldn’t do anywhere else” ie., talking to strangers, giving personal info, etc. I also remind that “People aren’t always who they say they are online, and that sometimes people on the internet will try to trick you so than can try to harm you.” It’s never the most fun talk to have, but the important ones seldom are.

  89. 4.11.14
    Wehaf said:

    I like Jordan’s advice! We aren’t at the point where we have to deal with this, but we plan to address it in an on-going, organic fashion – we won’t just have one talk.

  90. 4.11.14
    Katherine said:

    The computer was always on in the public area and I had net nanny installed and they were told no personal info on the computer at all

  91. 4.11.14
    Shanna said:

    When they get older, there will ALWAYS be parental controls, and will ALWAYS be in a public area while on the computer =)

  92. 4.11.14
    Natalie U said:

    Everything is all about monitoring and just like we tell our kids not to talk to strangers, it holds the same for the internet

  93. 4.12.14
    Dana said:

    I plan on putting a monitor on the computer and then teaching ith them as they get older

  94. 4.12.14
    Shannon said:

    I don’t have kids. My husband works in IT and he would monitor websites they would visit if we had any….

  95. 4.12.14
    Shannon said:

    Easy entry for a Kindle with @AudreyMcClellan over at— Shannon1976 (@pumpkinsfan1976) April 12, 2014

  96. 4.12.14
    joni said:

    My daughter and I attended a lecture at her school. She also is a very smart, aware, and responsible teen.

  97. 4.12.14
    Mary A said:

    I no longer have children at home but I do have grandchidren that visit frequently. They are seven and four, but the oldest is already being taught by his mother not to download anything without her approval. I guess I would just try to supervise as much as possible and let them know how to be careful and wise about what they do online.

  98. 4.12.14
    Kathleen S. said:

    My dd (11 yo) and I talk about internet safety about once a week. I want to keep it fresh in her my mind about the dangers of the internet. I keep it casual but serious in my tone. I also check her tablet every once in a while, just to keep her safe too.

  99. 4.12.14

    I would first start off by waiting till there old enough then I would tell them how some bad things have happened to people that meet from Facebook, etc then I would show them how to look for red flags when chatting or going to a website. The Lord knows there is no once else to protect our babies

  100. 4.12.14
    Hank Mccoy said:

    I do not have any children

  101. 4.12.14
    Colleen Boudreau said:

    I don’t have kids yet, but I would just talk about it with them openly and often.

  102. 4.12.14
    Colleen Boudreau said:
  103. 4.12.14
    Thom Coleman said:

    This is a topic that needs constant discussion with your kids. With technology Today there are so many ways this can happen. I am active in my kids life. I know who their friends are. I talk to my Kids daily. Lectures, articles, and videos are great but the Parent is the best tool. Finding that balance of helping and meddling can be difficult

  104. 4.12.14
    Robin said:

    We try to monitor which websites they visit and we discussed with them to never give out their personal information

  105. 4.12.14
    Erica C. said:

    We talk about it anytime we are on the computer together.

  106. 4.12.14
    Michelle K. said:

    This is very hard with a teen and preteen who are heavily into the social media. Once you have figured out how to watch what they are doing on one site. They are already on another site, no more facebook now it is instagram, snapchat and a few others.

  107. 4.12.14
    kathy b said:

    We talk about internet safety with the kids the same way we talk about safety in the real world.

  108. 4.12.14
    Lisa said:

    I have two teens and a nine year old. We try to always have conversations about online strangers and bullying. They all know the signs and what to look for if it ever happens. So far, so good. One trick is to place the family PC in the living room so we can monitor them whenever.

  109. 4.12.14

    My daughter is not even two, but she already knows how to navigate an iPad! To keep the tablet safe for her, we only download kids friendly apps. We also unabled the in-app purchase function, so she cannot accidentally purchase from the app store.

    As she get older, we plan to let her know that internet is beneficial for her, but it also has some negative sides. We try to be a good example for her by limiting the time we use our devices, and also by accessibg family friendly websites and tell her that this kind of information are fine.

  110. 4.12.14
    Angela Ash said:

    I feel that internet safety with children should be brought up in spurts. It’s good to talk about it but a little at a time. They only pay attention for so long and then get bored. You can’t expect to pile on a whole bunch of info and them remember it anyways. Small steps can lead to great measures.

  111. 4.12.14

    My girls are grown now, but we monitored them as much as possible growing up. We use parental blocks with my grandson.

  112. 4.12.14
    katie k said:

    We will definitely talk about it whe they get older, including requiring passwords to all their accounts or else they don’t get to use the computer. Mean mommy! 🙂

  113. 4.12.14
    Daniel M said:

    plan to when they’re older

  114. 4.13.14
    Sky Evans said:

    I try to tell them regularly and give examples. It works well so far.

  115. 4.13.14
    ELIZA ELLIOT said:

    I make it a point to keep track of my kiddos on the internet. They are pretty young right now but we make it a habit to discuss proper use of all things including computers.

  116. 4.13.14
    Mary Withrow said:

    Our children range from 2.5 to 18+ lol – I have 3 adopted, 1 in transition and 2 of my own. They can play games online with XBox, talk to people but never give locations, birthdates or family information. As far as the internet it is pretty much the same, never give out personal info, never call, plan to meet and always talk to us if they feel someone online may in fact be asking any questions like this.

  117. 4.13.14
    Mary Withrow said:
  118. 4.13.14
    Molly Capel said:

    I monitor there computer usage at home and have talked to them about the things that can happen if they post private info.

  119. 4.13.14
    Sonya said:

    We’ve always been pretty strict about what our kids are allowed to do on the Internet, but we’ve been clear about what they can say, who they can talk to, etc

  120. 4.13.14
    Brittney House said:

    I let them know that everything they see and talk to is not always what they say they are.

  121. 4.13.14
    Karen Drake said:

    My kids are grown so I don’t really have to deal with it much, I always tell my grandkids to never give out any personal information online and I monitor where they go.

  122. 4.13.14
    Danielle said:

    I would use parental controls on the computer as well as talk about not trusting people on the internet and that strangers online are just as dangerous as strangers in real life.

  123. 4.13.14
    Lynda said:

    i would talk to my kids about online safety by showing her examples of current events that relate to it. and i would monitor her activities online.

  124. 4.13.14

    When my daughter was younger the computer was in the living room. We talked about all the ways that people try to trick other people. As she got older the show “To catch a predator” really showed how creepy the internet can be.

  125. 4.13.14
    jules m. said:

    my daughter is 13 but ive explained many times about being safe on the internet- shes well versed on the subject

  126. 4.13.14
    Gus LeTourneau said:

    I depends on the child completely, you have to make a strong bond which takes time. Then you can tell the what you know, after you discuss what they already know.

  127. 4.13.14
    MARIA simon said:

    we monitor them really closely and preach to them of the danger..and pray..hopefully this all helps 🙂

  128. 4.13.14

    We watch what the kids are doing online and warn them constantly to be careful what they click on. Also have parental software installed.

  129. 4.13.14
    Rebecca L said:

    We talk about how there are good and bad people in the world and it is the same online and that we have to be careful with the information we put out there for all to see.

  130. 4.13.14
    Karrie Millheim said:

    I give them examples. Explain that the world is a different place and I monitor them. I have been overly cautious with my own children

  131. 4.13.14
    William Krawic said:

    Our first computer was centrally located in our home. We had dial-up and used a free service, so internet time was very limited. We constantly reminded our kids of internet safety. Told them if we every found them in a caht room, we would cut off their internet acess forever. Luckily, they believed us.

  132. 4.13.14
    William Krawic said:
  133. 4.13.14
    Ellie W said:

    My boys are 6 and 9 and so far I supervise them closely on the computer. I will explain safety to them plainly when they are a little older.

  134. 4.13.14
    Patricia Caradonna said:

    We have a computer room off the family room for all of us at our house. It is an open room. We also stress and discuss that it is important not to go to unsafe sites for everyone’s safety.

  135. 4.13.14
    nancy munson said:

    I bring up internet safety with my kids by first explaining my rules with the internet and WHY I make the rules-such as parental monitoring at any time, no talking/chatting with strangers, NO bullying/drama, no bad language, no revealing pictures, etc..

  136. 4.13.14
    Steve said:

    When I was younger, the internet wasn’t what it is today. We had dial-up and each time I wanted to use the internet I had to inform either one of my parents and they would sit and monitor my activity. As I got older they explained the dangers of the internet with me and trusted me to be responsible.

  137. 4.13.14
    nancy munson said:
  138. 4.13.14
    Thomas Murphy said:

    I would makeup some rules they have to follow and would kept the computer in a family space so I can see what they are up to.

  139. 4.14.14
    marrhew fasone said:

    kids do what they want and we have very little control in the long run.

  140. 4.14.14
    Melanie H said:

    I have discussed it with my daughter since she was very young the danger of interacting with people you do not know both online and offline. When she does go online I monitor her internet activity and do not allow her to be on the computer with out supervision. When she is older (teenager) I will install some type of monitoring software and block the sites I do not want her to be on.

  141. 4.14.14
    Terry Beck said:

    Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when my girls were growing up I always monitored 1 hour a day for each of them so I knew they would not be getting into trouble..when they were not on it I had it password locked.

  142. 4.14.14
    Tamar said:

    I will likely use parental controls and use VNC to remote into the computer at any time.

  143. 4.14.14
    Lori C said:

    We have discussed how people may not be who they appear to be online – how people can post any picture, any name & that folks may not be who they claim they are.

  144. 4.14.14
    Samantha Daleo said:

    My daughter has always been told to not trust anyone online and she and I have kept an open line of communication with her about it.

  145. 4.14.14
    Emilie said:

    I don’t have any children, but our youth group had a police officer come and discus internet safety with the teens. I remember it making a big impact. He also spoke to the parents of the teens.

  146. 4.14.14
    Priscilla P. said:

    I believe in shooting straight. I have already talked to my Granddaughters that are age 13 years and 9 years old. I did get my Daughters permission first. My Daughter told me that internet safety is taught in school. However; I want to make sure they knew people are not always people they say they are. I wanted them to know that people that seem nice may not be nice and can do harm if given a chance.

  147. 4.14.14
    Holly W said:

    We have had a long discussion about internet safety a few times with my 15 year old daughter. I used a lot of the stories that have been in the news so she could see for herself that people lie just to get you to meet them so they could hurt you. She is pretty smart on all the internet safety now.

  148. 4.14.14
    Allan said:

    My kids are too young, but I know I won’t be posting some picture on Facebook with a card reading that I’m trying to teach my kids how fast something posted online can spread. I plan to instill personal responsibility and liken the internet to NYC. It’s a place filled with wonderful things for kids, but it’s also filled with things that are dangerous and where kids should never go.

  149. 4.14.14
    Miranda Ward said:

    I just talk straight with my kids and explain to them What they can and cant do. They also get a time limit. And I keep track of everything they do online!

    [email protected]

  150. 4.14.14
    Jim Lipscomb said:

    When she gets older I plan on leaving a nanny type firewall in place in addition to discussing the many pitfalls of the internet.

  151. 4.14.14
    Sarah L said:

    No kids, so no plans.
    Thanks for the contest.

  152. 4.14.14
    Brian E. said:

    Thanks for the giveaway… we have continuing discussions regarding internet safety with our kids, and the computers / devices they are able to access have software installed that allows close monitoring of their activity while online.

  153. 4.14.14
    chandan said:

    just because they are kids , we can’ t stop them not to do as they want, i always say my kid don’t shop online in my absence….
    i warn her about strange friends in social networks,suggest to avoid unknown people..

  154. 4.14.14

    Educating our kids is a gradual process. In our family, when they are very young, they don’t have independent internet access at all, which grows to having access with an adult present, then having access (but all devices are in public areas of our home), and finally, they will have independent, unsupervised access (we aren’t there yet, and our oldest is 14). Along the way, we openly talk with our children as we are using these resources about the hazards that can be involved.

  155. 4.14.14
    susan smoaks said:

    we haven’t had to discuss this yet, our children aren’t old enough but i do want to know how to discuss it when it comes to the time.

  156. 4.14.14
    Rachel Ellis said:

    Internet safety is something I have been discussing with my 10 year old for a while now. He loves the video games where you chat with others online. We have a very specific set of rules.. He can only chat with people from his school (no random strangers), he must behave in the same manner he would in school when speaking with these friends and he must tell me immediately if he hears anyone being bullied. He is very good at following these rules.

  157. 4.14.14
    Rachel Ellis said:
  158. 4.14.14
    Leslie L Stanziani said:

    We talk about what information is ok to give out and what is not.I also have access to their email accounts (which only family has the address) .My kids know that I can go to any site and see what is going on but they are good kids.They are only allowed on approved sites where chat is monitored.

  159. 4.14.14
    Leslie L Stanziani said:
  160. 4.14.14
    amanda whiltey said:

    for now my daughter only uses the computer under my supervision and she knows not to click on anything other than her game

  161. 4.14.14
    Jacob LaFountaine said:

    Luckily I don’t have kids. No tough or any discussions in my world

  162. 4.15.14
    Sand said:

    By using parental controls and monitoring what sites they visit.

  163. 4.15.14
    Beverly Metcalf said:

    My children were teenagers when we got our first computer and were old enough to know about safety on a computer.

  164. 4.15.14
    Lynette said:

    I think limiting privacy on the internet is important. I don’t have to be sitting there with my child every moment, but being in the living room or a public area of the house can limit troubles.

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