I’ll never be too old for high heels… but my high heels now come with certain specifications ~

I’ll never be too old for high heels… but my high heels now come with certain specifications ~

I’m a high heel girl.

I always have been.

I get this right through my DNA. My Mom was a high-heel girl. I have photos of her when she was a younger woman with heels up to there. When I was a little girl, I used to drag my Mom’s heels from her closet-full of high heels and have myself fashion shows in those shoes.

Every color.

My Mom is now almost 89 years old and we cannot go shopping without her longing for those skyscrapers that dazzle her and bring back those glory days.

Of course, I’m the sensible one who says, “Um. Mom. No way,” as she picks up a high heel or two or ten… me thinking of her twisting ankles or falling. But if I let her

But me?

I’m still in that capable high heel arena.

But my heels now come with certain specifications.

Take my newest high heels, for example…



I was with my husband, God bless him, at DSW, searching for a pair of nude heels. Barry is a very, very good shopper and has a keen eye for stuff I love. He’s a keeper.

Now, let me tell you, there were dozens of nude heels for the taking. Dozens. And Barry wasn’t amiss in finding lovely nude heels. Dozens of them.


But… I’m getting older. I’ve become a runner in the past 5 years. My feet have changed. And I like comfort with my high heels. I know, that’s an oxymoron.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

And my specifications for heels have become rather – let’s just say it – ultra specific.

I lamented to Barry that I hardly ever find what I want in heels because I need these specifications:

1. Open Toe – I really don’t like the discomfort of squished toes. Not anymore.
2. Strap (it can be across forefoot or ankle) – I don’t want that feeling of losing a shoe. Not anymore.
3. Size 7.5 – I actually wear a size 7, but like that extra-extra; hence, that strap thing is even more crucial. It seems that 7.5 is a very popular size and is as rare as endangered species’.
4. Classic – I keep my shoes for a very long time because I love classic designs. I need Classic. If my Mom had kept all of her high heels from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, I’d still be wearing them.
5. Nude – I wanted nude for these shoes. Not beige or bordering on pink or almost white or multi-colored.
6. Um. High Heel – Or why am I even here?

Up and down those l-o-n-g aisles I went.

Barry was on his own mission.

Closed toe. No strap. No 7.5. Too trendy. Gorgeous, but will be out-of-fashion before I exit the store. Too dark, too light, too pink, too what-is-that-color, anyway.

Then Barry came toward me like the Shoe Fairy himself… all florescent lit with beams of happiness.

He carried a box.

A treasure chest…


He opened the box. I think it was in slow motion.

Anyway, I see it in slow motion.

And out came these…


No, Barry wasn’t the Shoe Fairy after all.

He was Prince Charming.

I slipped on the magic slippers and voila!

Each specification met.


Moral of this Fairy Tale?

High heel shop with Barry.





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  1. 4.6.14
    Beth said:

    Love this!! I have some Cole Hann, close toed pumps well 4 inch heels. I love them. I can’t wear them often enough.

    Have fun showing off those tri-athlete sexy legs awesomely!!

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