Sweat to my Spring Workout Playlist #fitness

I’ve been sweating it out for the last 30+ days like a woman-on-a-mission. Working out has been something I have fit into my schedule – someway, somehow – for the last 30 days. I knew it was time. I knew I needed to get my butt into shape (figuratively and literally). I feel like I’ve finally gotten back to my roots again. I was an athlete throughout my whole life and only stopped about 2 years ago when I was trying to get pregnant.

Well… I’m back now! I feel energized. I feel less stressed. I feel happy. I feel fit and healthy. I love it!

My good friend Nadia Carriere from ChildMode.com holds true to the same feelings that I do about fitness. It’s about body, mind and soul. It’s about being healthy and having the full well-being of yourself sustained. We’ve been motivating each other throughout the last few weeks with some fun challenges that we found on Pinterest. We did a PLANK 30-DAY Challenge in March that just kicked my butt, but Nadia was a fighting force and kept me determined to finish off the 30-days! We’re also part of an amazing Facebook group together with 40+ social influencers all motivating each other to stay on course and to get ourselves ready for the summer months ahead. This is exactly what I needed.

Nadia and I both love to run, so we decided to post our Playlists that we listen to that keep us moving, motivated and devoted to our healthy mission. Each week we’re going to share some of our favorite fitness finds. I’m all about looking fashionable while I workout, it’s one thing that motivates me and makes me smile… I also love finding really cool new tech gadgets and gizmos that are cool and important to use for your workouts.

But… today, it’s all about the MUSIC.

Here’s my Spring 2014 Playlist… this is what I have been sweating to for the last 3 weeks!

Spring 2014 Workout Songs by Audrey McClelland on Grooveshark

Here’s Nadia’s PLAYLIST.rkou

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