51 Reasons Why She’s Your Best Friend

Throughout my childhood, I never had that best girlfriend. I always had a ton of friends, but never that girl who was truly my “best friend.” I don’t know why that was… I just never had “that” girl.

As I got older… and married with kids, the thought of finding a best girlfriend really never entered my mind. I was so busy, I was just happy to be able to get through the day!

But then I met Vera Sweeney.

And I couldn’t believe it. At the age of 30 years old, I met my 1st best girlfriend.

How did I know?

Well… I thought it would be fun to name 51 Reasons Why She’s your Best Friend.

Best Friends

Do you have one??

1. You finish each others sentences
2. You don’t even have to look at each other to get the same joke
3. She will hold your hand when you’re scared
4. You laugh out loud when you’re apart at something the other one did
5. People start getting confused when you’re not together
6. You start dressing the same
7. Your husband starts texting her
8. You can order each others coffee/iced tea exactly the way the other wants it
9. You know each others habits
10. You know when the other one is about to lose their (you know what)
11. You call each other 10 times a day (or more)
12. You text each other 10 times a day (or more)
13. You email each other 10 times a day (or more)
14. You can speak in hand signals to each other
15. You feel comfortable calling at 4AM
16. You feel comfortable walking into the bathroom to get something while the other one is in the shower
17. You know what TV shows they’re addicted to
18. You know what movies they’re addicted to
19. You can see a top in the mall and say, “OMG! That’s so something “X” would wear!”
20. She knows when you’re lying
21. They like all your Facebook status updates
22. They heart all your Instagram photos
23. They RT all your tweets
24. They LIKE your YouTube videos
25. They comment on your blog
26. You’ve met each other’s extended families
27. Your children are as comfortable around each other as siblings or (at least) cousins
28. Your husbands like each other, too (Thank GOD!)
29. You plan a vacation and invite your best friend and their family
30. You honor each other with being an integral part of your family (Aunt or Godmother, etc)
31. You respect each others guilty pleasures
32. You know each others biggest fears
33. You know each others dreams
34. You know what food each other would order out to breakfast, lunch or dinner
35. You just pay for the other one because “my money is your money”
36. You send each other Pins from Pinterest privately because you know only YOU would understand
37. If you’re sad, you’d be there in a heartbeat for each other
38. You re-tell the story of when you met like it’s a fairy tale!
39. When you take a #selfie – she’s always in it
40. People around you comment and say how much they wish they had a friendship like yours
41. You can travel together. And with each others family’s too!
42. You won’t post a photo she looks bad in
43. If someone crosses you, they cross her, too
44. You have a best friend necklace/bracelet/locket
45. You buy the same handbags – when you’re not together
46. She’s just as happy for you when something amazing happens
47. She knows what you’re going to say without you saying it
48. With one eye roll, you can instantly understand a barrage of comments/vents
49. She makes you laugh. And laugh like you’re a kid again
50. She’ll tell you when you have food in your teeth
51. She’ll tell you the truth. Always. No matter what.

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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    amber rizer said:

    Love love love this!!!! ♡♡
    I love my momma!

  2. 5.7.14

    Such a great post!! So happy you found your special someone – of the best friend variety!

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