101 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

101 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Reasons Why I Love my Husband

My husband is my best friend. He’s my life. He’s my world. He’s (without trying to sound too cliche) my everything. The day I met Matt, I knew my life changed. I remember just seeing him and feeling something in my heart and in my soul. I knew that – someway, somehow – for me… life had changed in some great and awe-some way. 101 Reasons Why I Love My Husband was easy to write because I love him.

Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Matt and I have been together for 16 years, married for 13 years. Actually, 13 years TODAY. Oh, yes… 13 years ago on this very day, I looked him in the eyes and said “I do” with such confidence and such love.

I love Matt for 100’s and 100’s and 100’s of reasons. I love the little things and I love the big things. He’s just that guy who is my other half. He’s just that guy that gets me. He knows all the little things about me and all the big things about me. When I was single, I remember I used to wish for a man who would complete me, but also allow me to soar and dream big. That’s exactly how Matt is with me and for me.

101 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Reasons Why I Love my Husband

So today… on our Anniversary, I thought I would share 101 things about Matt and why I love and adore him.

101 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

He always kisses me goodnight
He knows exactly how I take my coffee – hot and cold
He believes in me
He wanted to have lots of kids
His passion for his garden
I love how he lights up when Victoria reaches for him
He’ll go to the movies and buy my popcorn for a home movie
He makes sure there is always a phone charger in the car for me
He can walk into a store and pick something out that I WOULD wear
He says I love you 100 times a day to me
He has become a swim dad because our sons LOVE to swim
He can manage 5 kids anywhere
He’ll ride roller coasters all day to make Alex happy
He’ll sit through Housewives (which he hates) because I need to catch up
He knows what I’m going to say without me having to say it
He likes my feet
He moved to Rhode Island
He’s an adventurer
He’s a very positive person
He’s the guy you want in your life boat
Matt has had lifelong friends. There’s something comforting about a man who has lifelong friends
He always keeps the fridge stocked with my Pinot Grigio
He has my back. Always
His sense of humor
The love he has for his 5 kids
He knows when I’m about to get overwhelmed and does everything he can to diffuse it
He knows what I want to be when I “get older” and he’s helping anyway he can
I love his new glasses
His Steeler pride

—–> What do you think so far???

Here’s MORE Reasons Why I Love my Husband

That he’ll wear what I buy him
That he drove 4 hours to NYC with me because I felt more comfortable with a certain doctor. No questions asked
He’s kind. Genuinely kind.
He loves his parents
He loves his sisters
He loves my family
The moment they told us we were having a girl – his face was priceless
I love that he loves the beach
He helps me with work
That we’re a solid team, always
He’s fair
He’s the wittiest guy I know
That he’ll do everything in his power to be healthy for us
That he knows birthdays are a REALLY big deal
That he calls Victoria Sissy
That he knows our song is Rockabye
That he” drive to New Hampshire to get his sons fireworks
Road trips don’t bother him
That he’s always up for a trip somewhere
That he says, “I love you more”
He’ll take all 5 kids to the grocery store. Just because.
He knows my favorite bakery
He let me name William after my grandfather
He dreams as high as the sky
He’s a romantic
He calls me Munchkin
He still loves to play a good board game
He started a blog
He’s on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook
He’s willing to learn things, just so he can help me
He’s a dedicated father
That I know Matt is genuinely happy with simple things in life. It’s a beautiful way to live.
That he LOVES the outdoors
He knows my favorite restaurants
He’d have 10 more kids if I wanted to
He watched about 100 Vine videos just to make William feel good
For Christmas he goes above and beyond for the boys
He wears socks with Crocs
His cologne. I don’t know the name of it, but it always smells good
He loves NYC
He loves LA
He gets excited about his tomatoes cropping well
He gets excited over a strawberry and a lemon growing
He loves Halloween
He’s the VP of the PTO at the boys’ school
Nobody has anything bad to say about Matt – ever
He loves a good YouTube funny video
That he updates on Facebook regularly
That he’s friends with my friends
That he texts my friends
That he sends our sister in law Nicole Pink Panthers
That he recognizes purple, pink and yellow balloons
That we thoroughly miss each other when we’re not together
That I know I can tell him anything
When I cry, he listens
He’ll go to swim meets for 10 hours and love it
He knows why I love rainbows
He listens to people, really listens
I know he loves Pittsburgh sports, but I love that he has taken on the Red Sox and Bruins
His laugh. I love his laugh.
He’ll always make sure this house is stocked with milk
That he will always order a crazy sushi order
He will eat my food that I cook – as bad as it is
He tells our sons that he loves them all the time
He holds my hand in the car
He loves Classic Rock
He gets excited about cooking a Sunday morning breakfast
He’ll remind us about church, he doesn’t like it miss it
He dresses Victoria in dresses – too cute
He’s very athletic
He’ll buy 4000 Pokemon cards just to make his sons happy
That he’s just my best friend in the whole wide world

Believe me, there’s a ton more reasons! He’s the best there is in the world and I love sharing with ALL of you the 101 Reasons Why I Love My Husband


I love you, Matty! 🙂

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