Family Movie Night Ideas

Family Movie Nights are the best to throw for your family! Sheri McShane is a new contributor for and she has some incredible family movie night ideas. Sheri has a blog: When the Kids Go to Bed and she shares awesome tips all the time. For the past few years we’ve been doing Friday Night, Movie Night. My kids love it and look forward to it every week. They are severely disappointed if we end up having other plans for Friday night.

Family Movie Night Ideas

Family Movie Night Ideas

Typically, movie night includes “popcorn surprise,” which is just your typical popcorn and I throw a little treat in the bottom of the bowl. Usually, it’s M&Ms. The kids LOVE it! Every so often I like to change it up and do a movie theme. Now, I’m no Martha Stewart. I’m not going to spend hours of my precious time putting together a movie theme night ideas with trips to the craft store. I basically look at what I have on hand and go with it. It’s easier this way and to be honest with you, much more enjoyable for me, too.

#1 Family Movie Night Ideas with BRAVE

Here are a few of my movie night ideas. Try them. They’re not overwhelming, trust me. Surprise component: Gummy Bears. This works with many movies: Yogi Bear, Open Season, Kung Fu Panda, and Brave. Pick a film and go with it. We did Brave movie night last week so I added the gummy bears for the “surprise,” and I added some fruit kabobs and made them to look like arrows. It was a hit! Just a skewer and a little construction paper. Nothing overly crafty.

Family Movie Night Ideas

#2 What to Do with Rice Krispie Sushi

We also had a Kung Fu Panda night complete with Rice Krispie treat sushi! One of my kids favorites. I made these little treats for a Ninjago birthday party and they have been forever asking me to make them again, and again. There’s something special when you can nail a particular treat for your kids and they keep asking over and over for more. I personally love it so much. It means that I’m making an impression!

Rice Krispe Sushi

#3 Family Movie Night Idea with Pirates

Surprise component: Chocolate gold coins. Pirate movie theme! Think of all the movies you can use this one with. Peter Pan, Goonies, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, or Hook. I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind. I added some gold coins and added some pirate patches we had leftover from a birthday party. Arggh.

Family Movie Night Ideas

Surprise component: Fishies! Either Goldfish crackers or some Swedish fish and you have a Finding Nemo theme.

Surprise component: Gummy worms. Toss some of these guys in the popcorn or even make some chocolate (dirt) pudding and you have a fun Bugs Life theme. Picnic on the living room floor! Maybe add some flowers or serve it all up in a picnic basket. It’s something the kids will be sure to enjoy.

Family Movie Night doesn’t have to be fancy, just FUN!! Do what you can for your kids and enjoy the magic of the movie, too! I love being able to have all the kids watching a movie and happy as little clams! It doesn’t get any better than that for me. I know time is precious and someday I’ll be wishing and hoping for family movie nights, so I’m embracing it as much as I can right now.

You don’t have to be all fancy and go all out. Just add a little something special and it’s sure to make them smile. Enjoy! Let me know how you Family Movie Night!

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