5 Things Moms Of Baby Boys Should Know

Expecting a little boy – or newly birth one? Congratulations! Boys are awesome. I should know, because I have one who lights up my world. He’ll be 6 months old next week, so while I’m not the be-all end-all authority on raising boys, I certainly can help you know what to expect during the first few months of your little guy’s life. I’ve been there. I am there! So, here you go:

1) Boys get pee everywhere – even on you. Don’t be smug – don’t think that because your son just peed, he won’t let out another steady stream as soon as you turn your head to grab a diaper. You can try to prevent it (changing diapers at lightning speed, “wee wee covers”), but it is bound to happen. My advice? Keep your changing pad at home covered with an easy-to-clean material so you’re not constantly washing the changing pad cover. I use a laminated cotton patemm pad for this very reason. Also? Have the wet wipes handy.

2) Dressing boys is fun. Yes, girls’ clothing and accessories are adorable, what with the ruffles and tutus and flowery headbands. But you will have a ton of fun dressing up your little boy. Some of my favorite things to put my son in are collared button down shirts, overalls, plaid rompers – or anything that makes him look like my husband’s mini-me.

3) People are going to call your boy a girl. I can have my boy dressed in blue from head to toe, wearing a bib that says, “Handsome Like Daddy,” and someone will still tell me how beautiful my daughter is. It doesn’t bother me, just baffles me sometimes. And it reminds me to always choose the words, “Your baby is adorable,” when I have even a sliver of a doubt on a baby’s gender.

4) You will receive unsolicited advice about your son’s anatomy. This is an actual message I got on Facebook THE DAY my son was born, from someone I barely knew: “Congrats on your beautiful newborn son! Now that it’s official that you have a boy, here is a GREAT website about the first important decision you’ll have to make: savingsons.org. There’s lots of great info on there. It helped us to decide to keep our son just the way he was born. Again, congrats!” This person is no longer my friend – on Facebook or otherwise. Remember that it is no one’s business but your own whether you choose to circumcise or not.

5) You are going to fall madly in love. My boy is my sidekick. He is just the best thing ever. It’s almost impossible to remember what life was like before him. He makes me laugh, he melts my heart, he makes me swell with pride. I cannot get enough of this little man, and loving him comes easier than anything else in life. If you’re waiting for your son to arrive, just know that you’ll be feeling this same way very, very soon. And it’s amazing.


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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 8.5.14
    Heather G said:

    Love this! My first was a girl and I have an almost 3 month old boy. They are so different but yes to everything you posted! My little guy ends up in chinos and plaid button down– just too cute!

  2. 8.5.14
    Amy D said:

    I have one boy and he is two. I have such a wonderful connection with him. My daughters were mistaken for boys a lot too. I thought it was funner dressing baby girls though.

  3. 8.5.14
    Pilar said:

    Boys slay me. I’m biased since I have one of my own, but still. 🙂

  4. 8.5.14

    Oh Jane, this is all so true! Especially the point you make about falling madly in love with them and the fact that they pee everywhere. My boys have my heart, that’s for sure. And the pee…. it only gets worse as they get older. lol

  5. 8.5.14

    As a mom of girls, I thought this post was adorable! I LOVE that your LOVE to dress him up! I adore little boys in their cute little polos, plaid shorts and cute shoes! Enjoy him!

  6. 8.5.14

    OMG, Jane. #4…just wow! I was secretly hoping for a girl, but this little guy of mine has totally changed my tune. Love this list.

  7. 8.5.14

    Boys are so much fun. I just wish they had a few more options for clothing and accessories and so does my son!

  8. 8.5.14

    Our boy came second, we had a girl first. She was so easy, I hear that girls get harder. My son is very difficult right now. I hear that they get easier. We’ll see.

  9. 8.6.14

    I only have girls! But, so many of these are true! Surprisingly, girls pee a lot, too! And people have called all of my girls boys repeatedly.

  10. 8.6.14

    Love my 3 sidekicks! We should definitely try to get our baby boys together this fall! I think they’d have so much fun together – and so would we!

  11. 8.7.14

    He really is so adorable, Jane. I’ve been watching your journey vicariously as a longtime blog friend of Audrey’s. I’m so happy for you!

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