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I’ve been dying to try Secret Extensions for weeks! I’m all about keeping myself updated on the latest and greatest beauty products that are out on the market! I love playing with my hair, so it only made sense to try out Secret Extensions. They just seemed like a fun thing to try out! Not to mention – a super cool thing to try out, too!

Secret Extensions

I love all things beauty-related.

I love makeup.

I love lotions and creams.

I love nail polish.

I’m all about having fun with my beauty routines and adding new products in to try out.

It’s funny, when it comes to my hair… I’ve never really had much fun… till now!

About Secret Extensions

I am LOVING Secret Extensions for my hair. I’m able to play around and experiment with different colors and styles and lengths and just have a blast doing it. I’ve mentioned this before, but I chopped 8-10 inches off of my hair this past January and it was pretty shocking to me because I hadn’t cut my hair in years! For the first few times I showered and styled my hair, I kept wondering where the rest of it was! It took awhile for me to really get used to have shorter hair. I knew my hair needed it, but it was crazy not being able to do certain styles that I loved doing before my cut.

When I found out about Secret Extensions, I was immediately intrigued because I was able to get the length I desire, but my hair was still healthy from the cut I so desperately needed. When I posted a couple of weeks ago about using Secret Extensions and the beauty in having them, I had some readers reach out to me asking how easy there were to put in. I thought it would be fun to actually show you (in seconds!) how fast, easy and convenient they are to just put right in your hair. It is as easy as 1-2-3 and then viola!

Secret Extensions VIDEO

I have really loved playing around with the different Secret Extensions that I have at home. My sons get a kick out of seeing me with super long hair again and I love that they think they look “pretty” on me, too. Secret Extensions really are the best alternative to playing around with different styles and lengths. Have some fun with your beauty and bring some into your home!!

Secret Extensions

There are a variety of different colors and shades to choose from and there’s something for everyone! And if you’re like me – grab a few different shades and have some extra fun! You can create your very own ombre at home without even adding a touch of color to your hair!

So easy!

So fun!

Secret Extensions can be found here.

Disclosure: Sponsored posting. All opinions are 100% my own.

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