Johnson’s #NoMoreTangles Event in NYC ~ a full-circle moment for this Mom and now Grandma!

Johnson’s #NoMoreTangles Event in NYC ~ a full-circle moment for this Mom and now Grandma…

Yesterday morning, I had the great fun of heading to New York City with my daughter Audrey and her two oldest children, my grandkids William and Alex. We hopped an early morning train in Providence and rode the rails on a beautiful Northeast morning…





Both William and Alex were born in NYC, so seeing them hop into cabs and maneuvering through crowds and crossing busy city streets seemed something they must have stored in their minds since babyhood. It was awesome!

And, of course, the elevator ride to the 43rd floor of the event venue was amazingly fast and fun. I literally did not have time to switch my shoes from easy-walking flip-flops to heeled booties. The boys were laughing at my total fail! (But I did get those heels on!)

The view – stunning


The treats, activities and goodie bags – amazing



And the full-circle moment for this Grandma of 11, bringing me back decades to my Mommyhood, was priceless.

Just hearing the word No More Tangles de-tangling spray brought back recollections of my beautiful, active, lovely-haired daughters and those tangles untangled!

Audrey and Jane were active. And they loved all things hair ~  pony-tails, barrettes, pig-tails and full-on beautiful no frills. Their hair became tangled. A lot. But I had the secret – Johnson’s No More Tangles (and No More Tears, just as my Mom had used on my hair!). Bring on anything…

Audrey ~



Jane ~




At the JOHNSON’S event yesterday, I learned that Johnson’s is still on the forefront of helping busy Moms and Dads making life, care and hair routines easy and enjoyable. I learned the 3-step JOHNSON’S® No More Tangles regimen:

1. Cleanse hair with a 2-in-1, Shampoo and Conditioner
2. Nourish with a leave-in conditioner
3. Style using a wide-tooth comb

I also watched Alex get his summer-wild-sun-tipped-swimmer’s hair styled, using the wonderful Johnson’s products, into the most awesome, fashionable, fun mohawk…




IMG_1872  IMG_1873


Alex LOVED his new look!

I loved Johnson’s products as a Mom, and it’s so full-circle fun to see Johnson’s making my grandkids so happy, too. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Detangling Spray lives on in the busy, active lives of my grandkids.

And Alex and Mommy had a blast shooting a video together for JOHNSON’S “No More Tangles!” It was so fabulous to watch. Such fun!





Yes. Full Circle!

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