Baby Brezza Formula Pro

I’m all about sharing information with other moms about the best baby items out there. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is awesome because it’s a great tool to have on hand for YOU and YOUR baby! Baby Brezza Formula Pro automatically makes warm, formula bottles in seconds. Oh yes – mixes, heats and dispenses formula to the perfect consistency in seconds and saves you 5 minutes or more versus manually preparing a bottle.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Features:

Baby Brezza Formula Pro, where have you been all my life? (Or at least the last seven months.) Every time I use my Formula Pro, I think about how much easier those middle-of-the-night feedings would have been if I’d had it back when Baby Brian was a tiny newborn. You know, when I was barely able to keep my eyes open as I fumbled around trying to make a bottle with a hungry baby screaming at me. All that time I had no idea it could have all been done so quickly and easily with just a press of a button!

Since Brian is seven months old now, we still have about five months of bottle feeding to go, so I’m glad I finally know about the Formula Pro. He’s not a newborn who wakes in the middle of the night to eat anymore, but he sure does love his bottle, and when it’s time to eat he doesn’t want to wait. He’s also at the stage where he likes to be held all the time (I actually love this), so the fact that I can now make a bottle entirely one-handed is just awesome.

Yup, you read that right – one-handed bottle-making. No measuring, no mixing, no shaking it up. You just pre-store water and formula mix into the Formula Pro and when you’re ready to make a bottle, you decide how many ounces you want, press “start” and watch the magic happen.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

I always think I need my husband’s help to put anything together, but I actually put our Formula Pro together all by myself. It was that easy. The most time-consuming part was hand-washing the pieces before putting the machine together. After that, it was a snap. When my husband saw it all set up he said, “Oh, it’s like a Keurig, except instead of making coffee it makes formula?” Yup – exactly. (He also said he was proud of me for putting something together by myself, and that this means I don’t always need him to do things like that for me. Darn.)

Baby Brezza Formula Pro
It fits so nicely in our small kitchen appliance line-up!

Additional Benefits of Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Here are the features of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro:

  • Hassle free formula preparation: no measuring, no mixing, no fuss
  • Patented mixing technology: mixes formula powder and water to perfect consistency without air bubbles
  • Temperature control: heats water to near body temperature, the optimal temperature for feeding baby
  • Airtight formula storage: holds 700g of formula powder to prepare 20 8-ounce bottles
  • Removable water tank: easy to fill and clean
  • Versatile: Makes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounce bottles
  • Works with all bottle sizes
  • Works with all formula brands and types
  • Bottle preparation takes just seconds

When I put a bottle together myself,  I can never, ever seem to get all the formula to mix, no matter how long or how hard I shake the bottle. I am constantly amazed at how there is never even one hint of unmixed powder in the bottles I make with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. I’m in love!

Here is a video I made show just how easy it is to use:

Disclosure: I was given a Baby Brezza Formula Pro to review, but as always, all opinions are my own (and in this case, Baby Brian’s, too)!

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

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  1. 9.19.14
    Nancy b said:

    Looks like a great addition to your kitchen!

  2. 9.20.14

    Oh my goodness – how I wish I had that when my kids were babies! How convenient!

  3. 9.20.14

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this. What a cool concept! I know this wasn’t around when my kids were infants….

  4. 9.20.14
    Melanie said:

    Jane, every time I see your son I swear my ovaries rapid fire eggs. He is so fabulously adorable and gets cuter each day that goes by. And I’m with Jodi. I wish this stuff was around when I had babies!

  5. 9.20.14

    Omg I love it! It’s like a coffee maker for the young and very young set !

  6. 9.21.14

    What a cool idea for formula! Making bottles is the pits!

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