The McClelland Family is Built for Play thanks to Johnson & Johnson

With 5 children, I know first-hand that getting out to play is something that is not only fun, it’s essential and important for them. My 4 sons have never been the kind of kids to just sit on the couch, they’ve always (always, always!) been active little guys.

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My daughter Victoria is following in their footsteps beautifully. She’s just like them – she’s never still… always active with play. Whether she’s dancing, chasing, jumping or twirling, she’s at play.

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With the fall here, it’s my favorite time to get out and play with the kids. The weather is perfect right now – it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold – it’s just right. Throughout the fall, we are do a ton of different activities. Fall baseball, apple picking, scavenger hunts, hikes in the woods, bikes rides throughout the neighborhood, Halloween activities – “haunted” houses, costume parties, Halloween kid road races… there’s always something and we’re always busy with play and fun activities. This fall in particular I’m extra excited because Victoria is old enough to actually join on in. Last fall she was just 4 months old, so it was a bit different… this year, she’s 100% part of the “gang!”

Now… since I AM a seasoned mom of 5, I also prepare myself with first aid products that are helpful partners in play. I’ve had way too many scrapes, cuts, bruises and minor injuries with the boys throughout the years during playtime not to be prepared ahead of time. Most recently we were just on a hike with the boys, my Henry fell and hit his head. He got a nasty cut right on the back of his head that needed to be cared for on the spot. Thank goodness I had essential first aid items on hand to take care of it and then we got to keep plugging along the hiking path!

Every mom should have on-hand a personal first aid kit. We actually have one in each of our cars, but I also carry one in my diaper bag when we’re out and about. Playtime and family activities with all the kids, you just never know what can happen. It really comes in handy and helps out so much. My personal custom first aid kit tailored to the McClelland play activities include products that are Built for Play:

Johnson & Johnson is my go-to brand.
– BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages
– RED CROSS® Brand First Aid products
– BENADRYL® Topicals

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With my Henry, it was great to have these products because as soon as he got his cut, I was able to do a proper wound care regimen:
o Clean: wash affected area with soap and water to help remove dirt and germs
o Treat: Apply a NEOSPORIN® product to provide infection protection
o Protect: cover the affected area with a BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandage and keep it covered until the wound is completely healed

It worked perfectly for my little guy.

Since we do have lots of things planned for the upcoming fall season, I definitely know I’ll be ready for an situations that call for some first aid care. It’s funny, growing up I remember my mother always having a first aid kit in our car and I always thought it was silly. Now… 30 years later, as a mom myself, I completely understand where she was coming from and appreciate the love and care she had put into creating it. Makes me smile to think that history is repeating itself with my own children.

Head over to Johnson & Johnson HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® website for more inspiration on how to incorporate play into your family’s life, as well as tips for building your own first aid kit. While you’re there, you will be able to get some valuable coupons.

I’ve partnered with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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