Must Read Kids Book: God Made Light #GodMadeLight

My mom used to read to me and my sister every single night. It was our nightly ritual and it always made me feel happy. We would sit on our living room couch, always with my mom in the middle, and we would read a new book every night. As we got older, we would get into chapter books, and my mom would sit and read 3-4 chapters a night to us aloud. It’s a memory that I will never forget.

Reading to your children at night is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

I haven’t been the best mom at keeping up with reading to the boys every single night. It’s something that I want to change because I see how excited the boys get when I tell them to grab a book and pop on the couch with me.

What opened my eyes most recently about the true gift of reading with your children was when we sat together the other night and read God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner.

God Made Light

We read it 4 times in one sitting.

Reading with your kids

God Made Light drew all of us in from the beginning and the illustrations by Matthew Paul Mewhorter were sensational.

What I truly appreciated about this book as a mom was that it drew in all of my children… from 10 years old to 16 months. They all sat there glued to every page, listening to the delightful and whimsical words and taking in the wonder and beauty of the illustrations. I love how the stars and the sun and the moon all play a part on this wonderful book because these are parts of the world that children have known since their very beginning.

But I love how after each section… the children got to know about how God put the same light inside of them. That same shining, bright, beautiful light.

It made me smile to see my children smiling when we read each of these sections.

And as the book ends, what a perfect way to end it…. “Cause when God made you, child, God made light.”

This is an exceptional book to read to children and talk about your love and God’s love for them. It’s a wonderful book for them to know that they all have the gift of God within them. It’s a passionate book filled with love and energy and beauty.

My sons also had a fun time putting together a God Made Light puzzle, too!

God Made Light Puzzle

If you’re looking for a book to add to your collection, I highly recommend God Made Light. I also recommend it as a gift this holiday season.

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  1. 11.6.14
    Mary said:

    Thanks for the suggestion! My husband also plans on reading to our girls every night. I’ll be purchasing this one for sure and great picture!

  2. 11.8.14

    Thank you for writing such a kind and heartfelt post, Audrey. I never stop being moved by how many families are touched by God Made Light and its message. I’ve read it 100 times and still get chills reading it to my kids.

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