Baby Brian is 11 Months Old!

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Dear Baby Brian,

How is it possible that in (less than!) one month you will be ONE YEAR OLD!? Time continues to fly, and not a moment goes by when I’m not grateful for everything you have added to our lives. You are just the very best!

You have so many tricks now! You wave hello and goodbye (with the CUTEST, proudest smile on your face), you dance (well, more like bounce) to music, and you say, “uh, uh, uh” when you know you’re not supposed to do something but want to do it anyway (like play in the dogs’ water bowl – your favorite!). We think you also call the dogs “gaga” because you always seem to say that when you see them. It is so cute!

You are a crawling machine! You are so quick now. You really don’t have much interest in trying to walk yet, which is fine. You can take your time – no rush, little one. You pull yourself up so easily and cruise along the furniture like a pro, so when you do decide to walk, I’m sure you’re going to take to it quickly!

Some of your favorite activities are pulling all your clothes out of the bottom drawers of your bureau, playing tug-of-war with Jethro and Tansy, opening and closing any doors or drawers repeatedly, and snuggling with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Pop-Up.

You got your fifth tooth this month (it’s on the bottom), and it seems like more are coming in because you’re chewing on your fingers constantly. This month you also celebrated your first Christmas and took an overnight trip to Cape Cod with Mommy and Daddy just to get away for the night! You had fun swimming with Daddy in the hotel’s indoor pool!

It was yet another fun and fabulous month being your mama. I love you so much, Baby Brian. You are the light of my life.

Love always,


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