NEW Tide HE Turbo for your HE Washer

Laundry in the McClelland household is never-ending. With 7 people in our family, I do about 3-4 loads of laundry a day (believe me, I know… I know… I know). Between the baby’s laundry, swim towels from practice 5 nights a week, workout clothes from me and my husband, daily messes that only 4 sons can make and our regular laundry needs, it’s pretty non-stop for me. It’s funny, as much laundry as I do, I never mind doing it. I’m one of those people who loves laundry. I “blame” it on the fact that I lived in NYC for 6 years without a washing machine and dryer and vowed when I lived there that someday when I had machines of my own, I would never complain about doing laundry. I just never imagined how much I would be doing on a daily basis! J

When we first moved into our house, we inherited the washing machine and dryer from the previous owners. It only took about 6 months from when we moved in to realize that we needed (desperately) new machines. Even with just 3 kids, the laundry was pretty heavy. For me and my husband, it was very important for us to get a High Efficiency (HE) Washing Machine for our home.

Why an HE Machine for the McClellands?

HE Washing MachineSince we do so much laundry, it was important for us because HE Washing Machines use significantly less water and energy. About 30-40% less water is used in a HE Washing Machine because your clothes aren’t soaking or sitting in a tub of water. This is huge!   As soon as we got our HE Washing Machine, my laundry routine changed. Before my HE machine, I would (literally) jam in as much laundry as I could in my top load machine. With 7 people in our family, I was trying to do the largest loads possible to save me from having to do multiple ones. As the laundress at home, it was nice not having to worry about pushing/shoving/jamming in as much clothing as possible anymore and potentially breaking my machine!

The BIGGEST thing to make sure you have with an HE Washing Machine — the proper detergent and dosing. You need to make sure you purchase an HE detergent that is going to stand-up to your laundry. As I mentioned above, I didn’t know this before I bought my machine. I’m not kidding, I’ll never forget the day I used “regular” detergent. SUDS EVERYWHERE! I had to run the wash 3 times to get the suds out! I mean, EVERYWHERE! It was crazy, and I had NO idea that happened when you used non-HE detergent in an HE machine. Lesson learned, believe me!!!

For years, Tide has offered an HE formula to address the special washing needs of HE washers.  And while you may expect the same performance from any detergent marked as “HE” you may be surprised to know there is no industry standard for what formula gets to be called “HE.”  Tide believes it should be easy for you to choose the best detergent for your HE machine.  Tide has ALWAYS been my go-to. Tide is what I have used for years and years and years. For me, it’s the only brand I truly trust for my family’s laundry. I’ve actually loved seeing the evolution of Tide throughout the years. I love how a brand continues to excel in their category and find ways to evolve with the changing times. I’ve been able to see first-hand the innovations, Tide set the first standard and now that washing machines have evolved, Tide worked with machine manufacturers and updated their criteria for HE detergents. For someone like me, it’s been important to be part of the journey and I love that I have a leg-up on laundry education. The stakes are high for choosing the right detergent for your HE machine and now Tide is making it easy for all of us HE owners to pick the best product for our HE machines by introducing the new HE Turbo seal.

Tide HE Turbo

This is music to my laundry-ears!!

I’m really excited to share with you that I will be conducting my own personal “Test Drive of the HE Turbo” that I will share with you in an upcoming blog post!! It’s something I can’t wait to share with you guys because it’s something that is important to me and I know this will truly spark the interest of so many moms out there doing as much laundry as I am!!

Are you ready for this to change your HE Laundry?

I know I am! Can’t wait to try it!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting. All opinions are 100% my own.


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