Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys

Looking for some Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys? I’ve got a great one for you today! Jurassic World Chomping Velociraptor Head Toy Review with The McClelland Boys! My sons LOVE dinosaurs. I swear, dinosaur toys are in their DNA. With Jurassic World out in theaters now, every CHILD is all about these amazing toys from the movie! My boys — they can’t get enough of them! I think they are amazing! I’m telling you there are amazing Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys out there right now that you don’t want to miss!

Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys

Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys

Check out this awesome one that my sons think is the coolest thing every — as you can tell!

Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys VIDEO REVIEW

Jurassic World Chomping Velociraptor Head…
A savage claw and a sneaky move – it’s Velociraptor, and he’s a dino-stomping monster who’s ready for a massive dinosaur showdown! Make your own dino chomps with this awesome Velociraptor head. One bite from this foam head’s terrible jaw and it’s going to be all over. Get a giant bite on your next adventure with this chomping Velociraptor head!

Roam your territory as the cleverest of all dinosaurs: Velociraptor! With this chomping Velociraptor head, you can pretend to turn your hand into the ultimate predator! Imagine use your chomping Velociraptor head to snack on other Jurassic World dino figures, or vehicles Or combine with the Jurassic World Velociraptor Claws and go head-to-head for dino-versus-dino battles. Additional dino figures, vehicles, and Velociraptor Claws sold separately!

I’m telling you right now – my sons couldn’t get enough. I mean – COULDN’T GET ENOUGH! They were out of this world excited about it and thrilled to see how cool is was! If you have kids who love dinos, you want to make sure you get them something like this! Jurassic World is REALLY stepping up to the plate here with their toys!

Buy it Chomping Velociraptor Head Toy over on amazon. and see all the other Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys!!

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