Why Every Girl Needs an Older Sister

I never had an older sister, but I am one.

I have always taken my big sister “role” seriously. I love being the one she can come to for help, a laugh, a cry, a vent, fashion advice, boy advice, mom/dad advice and now motherhood advice. It’s always been my role with Jane and I’ve always loved it to the core. I guess you can say, I was born to be an older sister to a younger sister.

I was blessed with 2 older brothers who were the best big brothers on the planet. Even till this day they – with families of their own – never miss anything when it comes to me and Jane. I should’ve known back then how amazing they’d be as fathers and husbands because they’ve been the most amazing big brothers throughout my life.

But still… I never had that biological big sister.

It’s funny, there are just some things in life that aren’t going to happen and me getting an older sister was one of them. Fortunately… as fate would have it, I got to grow up across the street from an “older” sister.


Jessica was 3 years old than me and just the best thing in the world for me to have 20 feet away, literally our houses were door to door across from each other. My mom said that when we moved into our house back in 1978, Jessica walked over with her mom and simply asked, “Can I play with your baby?” It was that innocent. It was that simple. And from there, a friendship… a bond… was born. Throughout my life, having Jessica across the street was the best thing ever. She was the coolest fashionista I knew and taught me all about Benetton and Banana Republic and then (as I got older) Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada. She was my go-to for boyfriend advice, high school advice, makeup advice, best dress for the prom advice, got-into-a-fight-with-my-best-friend advice, I’m-mad-at-my-parents advice, etc. She was just always there for me, for 20 years… and those first 20 years of your life, those are the most confusing, crazy and formidable. Jessica was also loyal… and that’s something I’ll never forget. If someone was mean to me, they were mean to “us” – and she was the best defender in the world.

I always had Jessica. She was the closest thing I had throughout my childhood to having an older sister and I will always love her to the core for that, always.

Every girl needs that someone she can turn to and look to for advice. Every girl needs that safe “older sister” who will be straight with her and honest and loyal and loving.

I’ve always thought of Jessica as my “older sister,” but I never knew the true impact of how special it was to have her till last night. I was sitting in my 14 year old niece’s (Madison) bedroom with my other 14 year-old niece (Taylor) with Victoria. Victoria sat on the bed watching Madison and Taylor talk to each other. They then tried to make her laugh (which she wasn’t having) by making funny voices and showing her photos of them as babies. Then out came the makeup box and Victoria was mesmerized as she watched Madison put on some lip gloss and Taylor putting on some blush. Madison said, “Someday we’ll teach you all about makeup! Let’s try and put some blush on you right now!” And I watched these 2 beautiful teenagers who I love with all of my heart, embrace my daughter… their cousin, just like older sisters would.

How to Be a Big Sister

It was a special moment to capture and see and remember. My daughter will never have an older sister, but she will always have Madison and Taylor. These girls will always be her go-to, her anchor.

It made me think of Jessica.

It made me think of how special it is for every little girl to find that “older” sister to embrace… even the one lucky enough to have one.

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