Daily Video: Should We Get a DOG!!???

I grew up with 2 dogs – Cracker and Carmel. I loved them more than anything. When they passed away, a piece of my heart broke. I actually was never able to really think about getting another dog.

It was too tough for me. My sister is a HUGE DOG LOVER!! She’s always had dogs, and she’s always been lucky because she has always had the best dogs in the world. Beautiful, well-behaved and just AWESOME around kids.

Yesterday a neighborhood dog showed up at our house while the boys were playing outside. The dog (a black lab!) played with them for an hour! It kept going to get the balls they were playing with… it was adorable to watch from the kitchen. As soon as we dropped the dog back with its owner, the questions began, “Can we PLEASE get a dog, mom!?”

I honestly can’t even think about adding anything to the chaos, but it was a cute doggy!!

It made me think about it!!

As you can see, we loved Hugo – and had a FUN DAY, too!!!

What do you think?

Here is How to Convince Your Parents To Get a Dog. These will hopefully help you get what you want (a dog!).

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  1. 9.13.15
    Julie Wood said:

    Yes you should get a dog! You have a big yard and the kids would love it. Labrador Retrievers are very good dogs to have with kids because just like kids these dogs have lots of energy. All kids want a dog, and I think they should get one!!

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