The Stars of St. Nikolaus Eve ~ Part 5

The Stars of St. Nikolaus Eve ~ Part 5


~ The Stars of St. Nikolaus Eve ~ Part 5 of 6

I recently re-discovered a children’s Christmas Book manuscript that I wrote 22 years ago. My own 4 children were not nearly young enough for Santa Claus anymore and I quite missed those days of wide-eyed belief in the magic of “the man in red” — who could see you when you were sleeping, awake, bad or good and all that jazz.

Would Christmas ever be the same?

I was inspired to write my story when I read that in Northern Germany, there’s a legend about Sankt Nikolaus, a Santa-type fellow who visits the homes of children on the night of December 5th ~ the Eve of December 6th ~ The Feast of Saint Nicholas, who is also known as Saint Nicholas of Winter. This feast focuses on the beginning of Advent, neighborly meals and celebration. St. Nicholas himself rides a fine horse and visits the homes of children with candies and goodies on the evening of December 5th, leaving such sweet treats in children’s shoes or stockings.  Accompanying St. Nikolaus is Black Piet, a man or spirit, who leaves birch branch switches to children who are misbehaved.

Ah, ha!

Maybe my family could commence Christmas and Advent with a little fun involving a spunky little girl named Eve, a girl who lit up the sky on the Eve of December the 6th.

Well, my manuscript sat for 22 years. I think it’s high-time I resurrect it for my 11, going on 12, grandkids. I’ve divided it into 6 parts, each one leading up to the Feast of St. Nikolaus on December 6th.

I posted Part 1 on December 1st —- Part 2 on December 2nd —- Part 3 on December 3rd —- Part 4 on December 4th. 

If you have the time, I’d love you to read it. I hope you like it.

Now, to find an illustrator!


The Stars of St. Nikolaus Eve – Part 5 of 6

Now Peter Pink Peter
fumed and spat,
Raging with fury
at this talking back.

When White Horse suddenly brayed
through the powder of white –
A bray to signal dangers
On this moonless night.

Swirling fleece,
so feathery soft,
In mountainous drifts,
amassed aloft —
Snowfall blanketed
The best of the best.

Nary a breath –
and footfalls,
Stuck –
at rest.

Except for a kindle,
the tiniest sound –
Of something,
Something profound.

As one
By one –
In the quickest of flight,
Eve’s once hidden candles
Illuminated the night.

One hundred candles –
A fireworks of wicks,
Once deep in Eve’s pockets,
Now aloft
and adrift –

Bejeweling the small girl
with her very bright eyes,
Standing so silently,
with broken pride.
Her very fair hair
peeking out of her cap,
As she held out her hand
for a switch, a strap.

Snow tumbled from Nik’s mustache
As White Horse high-kicked –
And Pack Pony stood captive
In the frosty grip.

Now Peter Pink Peter
narrowed his eyes –
For had had begun
to recognize
This girl,
this small girl,
this girl in the dazzling light –
This girl had saved
St. Nikolaus’ night.

Peter bowed a grand bow,
In the powdery fleece –
Laying his one hundred straw switches
at Pack Pony’s feet —

His smile enchanting,
His words well-received,
Peter announced,
“I will no longer –
ever, ever
have a need for these.”

Tiny Boy’s slippers
stirred the stirrups but twice –
He reined in the reins,
As Pack Pony, thrice –
High stepped gingerly,
Up, up, up upon the straw,
To the travelers’ amazement,
Wonder and awe.

St. Nik winked but once,
a twinkling eye –
“Now let us deliver the candles,”
he signified.

Then on again,
into the night –
An enraptured troupe,
guided by light.

One hundred STARS
shimmering bright,
One hundred STARS
on St. Nik’s most special night.
One hundred STARS
to chart, to guide,
One hundred STARS
for this night’s ride.

Rounding the globe
in joyous joy –
Spreading Star Candle secrets
to each girl and boy —

Green Ink – Should Be More Generous
BlueShould Behave
Should Practice Patience in Purple
YellowShould Be More Brave

But written in Red ink,
with exclamations to exclaim –
Was the simplest of Shoulds —
Should Remain Quite the Same!

Please join me tomorrow for Part 6 of The Stars of St. Nikolaus Eve ~ the last installment!

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