Games to Play in the Car with your Family

Games to Play in the Car

I’ve partnered with Alamo throughout 2016 as one of their Chief Mom Ambassador’s again! I’m honored to be back and enjoying another year with them! As one of their Chief Mom Ambassador’s, I get the chance to share with my readers some family travel tips that work for me and my family. Today – I’m excited to share with you 5 games that we love playing together as a family in the car.  I’m a big stickler at trying to minimize technology because I don’t want my kids glued to iPads for hours at a time.  I love bringing it back to my own childhood, when we would travel in the car. I grew up as 1 of 4 kids, so we were always playing games in the car and coming up with fun ways to pass the time! I look back at those trips and smile because it really brought me close with my siblings and created some awesome memories. I loved that my parents would always get involved in the games we would play, too – so I think it’s very important to make sure it’s a full-family-activity!

Games in the Car

We play a ton of games while we’re traveling in the car, but these 5 are our favorites! I love that everyone can play (OK… except maybe Victoria!) and that everyone really gets into them. I think it’s fun to find ways to laugh, bond, connect and learn through games!

Are you ready to see what we’ve come up with??


**This is a sponsored posting with Alamo. All opinions are 100% my own.

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