Snowflakes racing to the finish!

Snowflakes racing to the finish!

Yesterday, as I was driving in my car with my two teenager granddaughters Maddie and Taylor, it began to snow.

Flakes were lightly falling, mixed with a bit of ice and a bit of rain. As snowflakes will, some scattered, some melted, some landed and two, well… ran.

I’ve never before seen a snowflake run.

As in running.

But what are the chances of seeing two snowflakes running. In a race.

Slim to melt?


Not yesterday!

Maddie captured these two snowflake runners racing toward the finish line – aka electrical wires – from inside the car.

(Well, OK. Both of these snowflake runners lost their way and landed on my windshield.)

But captured they were.

Bravo, Maddie!

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.51.57 AM

This, I’m framing!

The Joyful Moments of Grandparenting never cease to amaze and astonish me!



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