What would Barry do without me? Hot, naked yoga?

What would Barry do without me? Hot, naked yoga?

I’m one of those people who adds things to my life during the Lenten season, rather than subtracting.

By this, I mean that I add extra prayers to my daily life, mostly while in my car. If I’m driving, I’m praying, rather than listening to the radio or talking on my cell phone. This brings extra clarity to my day by focusing on the spiritual part of my day and my life.

I add time to clean out or clear material things from my life that may better serve others — clothing, shoes, furniture, bedding. I add extra items to my grocery cart for donations to food kitchens and banks. Rather than purchase any superfluous items for myself or for my grandkids, I purchase new children’s socks, underwear, hats and gloves and donate these, as well.

This year, I decided to add one more thing — daily yoga. At first, when the thought occurred to me, I contemplated whether this was selfish; selfish in spending an extra 20-minutes per day, for 40 days, on myself. I considered all of the reasons that this thought occurred to me in the first place, and it came down to ONE very important reason — a sustained, disciplined, flow of mental and physical acuity for focused energy in my spiritual life.

What was even more important to me was to achieve these 40 days of daily yoga with my husband Barry along for the flow. Barry is the most high energy, focused, spiritual person I know, but he doesn’t take time for himself. He is the most wonderful husband, father, grandfather, son-in-law, friend, employer, entrepreneur, leader, athlete — but doesn’t take time for himself.

Adding time for yourself for reflection and meditative movement adds greater purpose to help others and to serve your God.

I wanted to urge Barry to take our 20 minutes per day (not one day this week, maybe tomorrow, two weeks from Tuesday, etc.), at home each morning for 40 days with our Rodney Yee DVDs and make that promise, that addition to our lives. Together.

Barry agreed…


We are on Day 3 and have made time for our practice together each of these days. It may seem odd to say this, but creating this time on busy mornings of getting out of the house takes planning. 20 minutes takes planning.

Now, I’m gonna get personal here. Barry is not flexible. He is a great athlete, but has the flexibility of a tree trunk, like an oak tree trunk. Not derogatory here. Just true. Yoga doesn’t come easy.

This morning, I looked at him at one point in our practice and said, “Honey, you’re looking good!”

He said, “Thanks to you.”

“Naw,” I answered. “You will be doing twist and flow sequences soon.”

“I won’t be doing anything without you,” he whispered from his downward facing dog. But I can’t really talk right now.”

Sometimes, I can be relentless. I always ADD conversation!

“You’ll be doing hot yoga,” I added.

“I’m just trying to get this dog to the floor,” he laughed.

Then my mind began to wander. The energy and flow my spiritual practice waned as I thought of Barry doing hot yoga. Naked.

Oh, and just add some hot naked girls.

And newfound flexibility?

Of course, I told Barry of my vision. My spiritual vision, if I may.

“Flexible hot naked yoga with hot naked girls. Is that what you’d do without me after I convinced you to get all disciplined and postured and energetically focused?” I asked.

At that, we both burst into laughter.

And then focused on just getting through Day 3 of 40 Days of spiritual, Lenten renewal.










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  1. 2.13.16
    Joyce said:

    I just love you both.. You never stop astounding me.. Your kindness, generosity, unselfish ways continue to make me see what truly EXTRAORDINARY beings you both continue to be on a daily basis.. Are you sure you and Barry don’t want to run for Office.. You have my vote.. God Bless you ..

  2. 2.13.16

    You crack me up. Kudos to Barry for trying yoga. I couldn’t get Dick to that in a million years. I love yoga. I take three 70 minute classes a week. xoxo

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