Day 14 ~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

Day 14 ~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

Small huddling bunnies’
Sanctuary and safety
In Mama’s embrace.

~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~
~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

I’ve had these 3 concrete statuary bunnies, a Mama and her 2 babes, for a very long time. I love them. In Summer, they’re washed in shade as they peek out from the flower bed of Periwinkle and Hydrangeas.  In Autumn, they peek out from beneath the colorful New England maple and oak leaves that blow and pile into the flower bed. During the winter, I’ve never taken them from the flower bed, but rather love to see them peeking from beneath the snow. But in Springtime, as they huddle together with a feeling of renewal each year, I most especially love the Mama huddle with her two babes. They always bring me great Joy, but yesterday I first saw this lovely bunny family as a Haiku in Search of a Voice.


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