Day 17 ~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

Day 17 ~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

Sundried and raindropped –
The Sorcerer’s Violet,
Periwinkle Blue.

~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

As I was leaving my daughter Audrey’s house, I noticed the most pretty phenomena with her Blue Periwinkle, also known as Myrtle, and nicknamed “The Sorcerer’s Violet” — some of the Periwinkle was sunbathed dry and other petals were touched by raindrops. It was a most lovely sight, magical even. Long ago, it was believed that this ground cover protected people who carried it, keeping them safe from evil, and the Scots named it Joy-of-the-Ground. This hearty, tenacious plant with its sun-and-raindrops combination was magical and Joyful to me, a Haiku in Search of a Voice!



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