Have I ever had another blogger write about me? #BlogHerWritingLab2016

Have I ever had another blogger write about me?


The theme for April’s #BlogHerWritingLab2016 – NaBloPoMo is STORY.

Today’s prompt, Monday, April 4, 2016 ~
Have you ever had another blogger write about you? How did you feel reading the post?



I was honored to have my wonderful blogging friend, Nancy Jankowski Collins, write about me 3 years ago, an interview format blog post on the fabulous Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Nancy wrote about my unusual, maybe kinda crazy list of 57 in 52 — 57 out-of-the-box things I wanted to accomplish in 52 weeks at age 57.

I’m now 63 and that year was the grandest of my life. Nancy’s capture of this year with her questions, her writing, her great support and her love will always be a highlight of my blogging life…


Nancy and I first virtually met sadly in topic, but wonderfully and serendipitously in life.  As instantly as our paths crossed, we bonded over hundreds of miles, from Rhode Island to Indiana and back, about the grief and often whispers of miscarriage.  Nancy and I are each Grandmothers, each with 4 adult children, each touched with miscarriage in our lives — Miscarriage, so often misunderstood, not acknowledged, tragic in the silence following.

I think the most miraculous power of blogging is finding, discovering, feeling members of our tribes and forming friendships from afar that are incredibly powerful, meaningful and perfectly lovely. And along with Nancy, I’ve found another life-long blogging friend turned “bestie” (love this word!) in Rhonda Wilson, also a grandmother and blogger from Indiana, who personally knows Nancy, go figure! I met Rhonda through her daughter Stephanie Precourt, who is a blogging friend of mine through my daughters Audrey and Jane and has been for years! Further and just as joyous, my husband and I had the great pleasure of spending time with Nancy’s daughter Abby when she visited Boston a couple of years ago!

Such a tangled web of the greatest Joy.

One of my greatest blogging experiences was meeting both Nancy, her husband Dick and Rhonda when my husband Barry and I visited Chicago and Indiana a few years back. If these friends were  such perfect virtual friends, I still cannot explain the instant realization that these women are real life perfection of everything I’ve ever imagined. They are the SISTERS I’ve never had.

These wonderful women and their beautiful families have become family.

They are family!

To be honored in such a way through a Blog Post about me will always make me smile.

BlogHer Writing Lab April 2016 Prompts! Why not join in and tell your story. 


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  1. 4.4.16

    Tears, smiles, feelings of such a wonderful friendship that has blossomed over the years as I read this post. It was my honor and privilege to write that post about you. As I’ve told you before, I truly want to be you when I grow up. Love you, my dear friend!! xo

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