I’m Speaking at the Mom 2.0 Summit!

I’m so excited to share the news that I’m going to be speaking at Mom 2.0!! I couldn’t be more thrilled or excited!! I’ll be speaking with Vera about the Power of Partnerships and why bloggers should look into creating them with each other. As you know, I’ve had much success with partnering with Vera and creating digital properties and businesses together. Everything from sponsored campaigns to twitter parties to events, we’ve done them together! We love working together because it really does enhance the reach!

Audrey and Vera

If you’re thinking about partnering up with a fellow blogger or digital influencer, it’s a wonderful thing to do. You just need to make sure you have the right partner and that it’s a good fit for both of you. Vera and I joke that it’s almost like getting married – you need to be there for each other on the good days and the bad days!

5 Things to Think About When Partnering Up:

1. How can you play off of each others strengths?

2. How can you work together to create bigger and better content?

3. What combined voice do you want to share online?

4. What can you create together that nobody else is going in the space?

5. Make sure you know why a brand needs to work with the two of you, not just one of you. Have your dual elevator pitch.

About Audrey

Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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