How to Get Your House (of Boys) to Smell Good

I love my house to smell good. I live with 5 boys (including my husband in there!), so believe me… my house can definitely have some not-so-great smells.

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There are the usual smelling suspects for the McClelland boys – dirty shoes, smelly feet, sweaty gym bags, bathroom odors, etc. It’s something that I’ve gotten used to dealing with throughout the years. But for me personally (and anyone else coming into our home), I really love to make sure there aren’t any odors looming in the air. Whenever I walk into a room and it has a pleasant scent, it makes me happy.

Here’s the thing about adding any kind of scent into our home, I just can’t have it be too powerful. I don’t like over-powering scents. They honestly make me sick, sometimes giving me a headache. I like the scents that I bring into my home to be fresh and light, but effective. My office in particular for me is key because it’s my personal sanctuary at home. My kids are always in and out of it, but it really is my go-to space for everything work related. During the day I spend hours in there, so I’m a stickler for always making sure it smells fresh and inviting to me.

I recently was introduced to the NEW Renuzit® Sensitive ScentsTM collection and I love it! This is the first line of air fresheners developed to perform without overpowering even sensitive noses in your home. This is music to my ears, or at the very least… music to my nose! Each product in the Renuzit Sensitive Scents collection was tested with sensitive noses to confirm that they do deliver a long-lasting and well-balanced air freshener experience, but without overpowering.

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There are (3) awesome scents to try out:

Pure Ocean BreezeTM – no matter how far you live from the ocean, you can still relish in its light and airy scents

Pure White Pear & LavenderTM – savor the succulent combination of sweet pears and heavenly lavender

Pure Water Blossom & CucumberTM – enjoy delicate floral essences with the crisp freshness of cucumber

I personally love how easy they are to have in your home. They come in different forms, so it’s easy for you to pick what will best work for you and your lifestyle. I love the Adjustable Cones that they come in. They are fabulous to have for small spaces – bathrooms, offices, closets, etc. They truly provide continuous air freshening for 30 days and are made with 98% biodegradable gel. It’s super easy – you just adjust the cone to get the level of fragrance that is perfect for you. Voila!

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If you’re looking for something other than their Adjustable Cones, they also have available:

Universal Scented Oils – Fill any room in your home; Renuzit refills fit Renuzit®, Glade® and Air Wick® scented oil warming units*

Trigger Sprays – Eliminate your toughest odors: Bathroom, Tobacco, Smoke, Pet; eliminate odors in the air, on fabric or in your car

*Glade® is a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. Airwick® is a registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser Inc.

You’re going to love how easy they are to use!

No more overpowering scents, just fresh and well-balanced!

Enjoy the air! ☺

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with CafeMom and Renuzit® Sensitive ScentsTM

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  1. 4.26.16
    robin rue said:

    Hahaha, yup! I have all boys – even the dog is a boy and I NEED things like this in my life.

  2. 4.27.16

    I remember the stink from my two brothers. Thank goodness my son is only a toddler right now!

  3. 4.27.16
    Neely Moldovan said:

    Oh that air freshener sounds awesome. I love having good ones on hand.

  4. 4.27.16
    Liz Mays said:

    As soon as I read your title, I was like…yep. I had four brothers. Need I say more? Bring on ALL the Renuzit.

  5. 4.28.16

    We have Renuzit cones in 3 rooms of the house currently. They last for a good amount of time, and we all like different scents.

  6. 4.28.16

    I have 4 kids, not all boys but believe me when my daughter runs 10 miles after an hour at the gm while the other is playing lax for 2 hours…they can give my sons competition. These Renuzit scents are perfect for us.

  7. 4.29.16

    Oh definitely! Smelly feet are horrible. My just turned 6 year old smells like old man sock some times.

  8. 5.6.16
    Carrie said:

    I’ve never used any of these before but they seem great! I tend to use homemade products to help our house smell great!

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