Memories from a Photo

A photo. A simple photo.

It’s incredible what kinds of memories a simple photo can bring you.

This past weekend I was searching around my house for my wedding video. It’s still on a VHS tape and I’ve had the opportunity to get it converted to a DVD. I haven’t seen my wedding video in about 10 years! Let’s put it this way, my children have never seen it. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the possibility to show that to my children. It’s the beginning of the beginning for their parents and it’s a gift I’m excited to have back in my life.

As I was searching throughout the house for the video, I came across our honeymoon photos. I had written those photos off YEARS ago. I just thought they got lost somewhere in time, never to be found again.

It was like hitting the jackpot.

This photo. This simple photo brought back the WHOLE honeymoon for me.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.38.40 AM

July 2001.

These 2 kids!

OMG! This was when I didn’t need to do my hair and it just tried wavy and calm and beautifully! LOL! How times have changed!

These 2 kids!

Relaxed and tan and not a care in the world.

These 2 kids!

We were sitting on our balcony of our hotel room and using the camera’s timer. We had just bought this camera specifically for our honeymoon. We didn’t know anything about it! We were just hoping it was actually taking the photos we wanted! I love how peaceful we look in this photo. I love how deliriously happy we look in this photo. I love how we truly were about to take on the world – together – in this photo.

This photo makes me smile on so many levels.

Take the time to go through and find some photos you haven’t seen in awhile. You’ll get a true emotional and physical response from seeing them.

Happy Monday everyone!

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