Practicing our Table Tennis Skills

We’re a digitally connected family.

I work online, so for me – the need to be connected is essential.

My husband started a blog called Redefining Dad, and so for him – it’s definitely made him even more digitally connected. He’s also a big Facebook, Twitter and Instagram user and just a lover of getting al of his daily news online, too.

My 4 sons all have iPads and love to play games online. They also love to make YouTube videos and be connected on Instagram.

My daughter. Believe it or not, even though she doesn’t have her own digital device, she can maneuver around an iPad or iPhone like a champ. She loves to watch videos online on my YouTube Kids app.

It’s how life is for millions of people nowadays, we’re living in a digital world and we have all become digitally connected. With everything so easy and accessible, I’m going to say it – it’s become a digital overload!

The one thing we’ve always done as a family is set limitations and boundaries with being connected.

There’s no technology when we’re eating.

There’s no technology on Friday nights.

There’s no technology until homework and reading have been completed.

It’s important to find ways to be together as a family without a device in our hands or our face. When I was a kid, it was all about playing and finding fun ways to keep ourselves occupied. We had family game nights and movie nights and weekends to just chilling around the house. I have always wanted the same for my family. With 5 kids, it’s extremely important to me to make sure the kids are laughing together and playing together and enjoying each other. And guess what?  I want to be in that fun, too!

We’ve found an AMAZING way to come together and enjoy each others company even more — thanks to Killerspin!

This is what I love about Killerspin, they exist to help U create memories with those U care about through highly designed table tennis experiences – #UnPlugNPlay.

That’s right – they want you to #UNPLUGNPLAY!

Pretty cool, right!?

We’ve been enjoying our Killerspin Table Tennis for over a month now! I actually grew up with one in my house as a kid and I had EPIC (I mean, EPIC) battles with my brothers and sister and parents. I have so many fun and hilarious memories from our games, it’s one of those things that still makes me smile, over 20 years later!

We’ve been rocking with the The MyT10 ClubPro table (and there’s a new price on it right now!).

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.25.44 AM

I’m telling you, it’s amazing. We don’t have a ton of room in our basement, so it was important to find one that folds and rolls. This table will fit anywhere and provide distinctive, highest quality performance. It was designed to meet the needs of avid ping pong players and families alike.

So how do we #UnplugNPlay!?

We’ve been having some fun practicing non-stop! The boys have gotten really good in the last month! Even Victoria loves to get in there and show off her play! It’s brought so much laughter and fun into our home, I can’t say enough amazing things about it! For me, it’s all about the memories and having some fun OFFLINE!

Victoria just kills me! She loves to be right in mix!

We’re going to keep on practicing and playing!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting. All opinions are 100% my own.

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