Moment upon Moment of Extraordinary Ordinary – this is My Story

The theme for April’s #BlogHerWritingLab – NaBloPoMo is STORY.

My Story is all about moments because I cherish moments. I don’t know why I’ve come to this philosophy or way of thinking, but it’s something that I’ve embraced since my earliest memories.

I most especially love very ordinary moments. Ordinary moments are things such as a warm wind, a giggling baby, a teapot singing, the sound of a pencil on paper, a church bell ringing, a flapping flag, hot chocolate with melting marshmallows, a new bud in spring, a good-night hug, walking on the beach at dawn, a sunset, a triple-decker ice cream cone, hanging tinsel on a Christmas tree, or a letter in the mail.

Ordinary moments are sometimes captured…

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.50.43 PM

… and these moments tell the greatest Stories of our lives.

These moments tell of ordinary days like going to the local pizza place on a rainy afternoon with my husband, known as Pop-up, our daughter Jane, pregnant with her 2nd baby, a girl, and her son, our youngest of 11 grandkids, 2-year old Brian with his pink binkie because his cousin Sissy has pink binkies and Brian adores Sissy – Brian, so safely tucked into Pop-up’s arms and who gently grabbed hold of the umbrella with Pops because Pops was doing it and Brian loves Pops and he looked so grown-up to me in those swirling moments.

Yes, this seems like quite the long, run-on sentence of such an ordinary afternoon, but these moments strung together like grapes on a vine taste sweeter than anything I could possibly explain.

This is My Story.

Moment upon Moment of Extraordinary Ordinary.

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