“If I Were the Sky” ~ a poem to my grandchildren

The theme for April’s NaBloPoMo is STORY. Part of “My Story” is that I love the SKY. Every day, I love the Sky. I almost obsessively photograph the sky! Today, the sky over my little universe in Rhode Island was so pretty and so powerful that it inspired me photograph it and to write a poem to my 11, soon-to-be 12, precious grandkids, telling them the STORY of me if I were the Sky.


If I Were the Sky…

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I’d be a day like today
Of light blue and gray as dark as ore
In celebration of hues and tones
Between black and white
As people wonder what gifts I’ll bring.
Sun, or rain maybe?
Or glimmers of light shapes
Like doves or angels or even a swimmer
With long, long arms cruising through the waves
Of me.
Sending reflections
And shadows
As I’d bow to touch the earth
With bounty and gentle power, too,
Kissing grandkids’ cheeks and
Flying colorful kites
And stealing hats –
Or just borrowing them!
I would bend the stems of flowers
To peek the petals around to see
For you to see them, too,
And know their names
As they celebrate days that
Seem to pass so quickly
Until they’d stop
To see me
Way up here in my
Light blues and grays as dark as ore
And until I’d see your eyes filled with
Enough wonder of one day
That I would weave a thread of pink
Into my blanket,
Pull it so gently over you
And whisper, “Good night,”
My beautiful Babies.”

If I were the sky.

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